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RBDOOM-3-BFG 1.3.0 Released
RBDOOM-3-BFG 1.3.0 adds PBR, Baked Global Illumination and TrenchBroom Mapping Support. This release fixes the darkness of Doom 3 and makes the game look more similar to Dead Space and Doom 2016 without adding new textures and materials. RBDOOM-3-BFG 1.3.0 presents Doom 3 BFG in a fresh look and you will be impressed how much beautiful artwork was in Doom 3 which you haven't seen before because the lighting was all pitch black. The original main goal of this 1.3.0 release is to give modders the ability to make new content using up to date Material & Lighting standards.
Great Stuff 
This and the UltimateHD mod make a huge improvement to the BFG release. 
oh man, not having to use that shitty editor is the most amazing thing ever brought to D3 modding 
Yeah, that jumped out at me as pretty noteworthy. As I understand it this is the first time you could use (a version of) trenchrbroom to map for Doom3. So that's pretty significant. (Haven't tried it myself, though.) 
Lacking time, knowledge and talent, I don't really have that much of a personal interest in the Trenchboom support beyond the (selfish) hope that someone will be inspired and kick off a D3 mapping boom.

The RB and UltimateHD combo really brings new life to the gameplay. I hope that it also brings more love to D3. :) 
D3 Is A Bigger Nut Than Its Predecessors 
Modding and mapping in D3's just harder to do, though that can change with beautiful mapping work/modding. Not as many people play D3 than say Doom or Quake, so it's hard to say whether it'll actually happen or not. 
At least Doom 3 can be modded. Doom 2016 only allows SnapMap for custom maps, and Dumb Eternal has no mapping/modding support whatsoever. It seems they've forgotten one of the main reasons why Doom's popularity has lasted so long: the ability to mod it and create new game experiences with it.

Also... funny how people nowadays see darkness in Doom as some kind of "bug." It wasn't, and it didn't need to be "fixed." Like Quake, the original Doom was a dark, creepy, and atmospheric game. Part of it was about getting immersed in the environment, knowing that demons could be lurking in the shadows, ready to tear you apart if you let your guard down. And while Doom 3 certainly had its faults, it captured that horror atmosphere really well. I played it a gazillion times over, and that was before the BFG Edition.

Whereas Doom 2016 and Eternal are a little too bright (almost cartoony) and therefore less immersive, in my humble opinion. I fear the Doom franchise is turning into a Pokemon game with gore ("Gotta rip 'n' tear 'em all! Chainsaw, I choose YOU!") 
> It seems they've forgotten

For a long time it's not the same company anymore, and the gaming landscape has changed considerably.

> it captured that horror atmosphere really well.

For first couple of times it was cool, but very quickly it turned in literally monster closets - pick up that item, suddenly wall opens and imp jumps at you! Scary!!

> and Eternal are a little too bright (almost cartoony)

I felt that about Eternal too. I played up to 5th mission and never returned to it. The constant "rip and tear" and related memes, along with overabundance of "doom music kicks in" with constant use and mention of "BFG Division" track sure gets grating.

There's an article called "What Doom Is Not" which I quite liked - 
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