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Shall We (me And You, Mostly Me) Make A Quake MMO?
Do you want a Quake MMO?

I, Baker, the strongest of us all (although I never chose to be such, but yeah I am and you know it too, I only regrettably acknowledge it) -- am trying to figure out my legacy beyond creating, Quakespasm version #0, Mark V, QuakeDroid, making a programming language and other things my "meat form" has done.

Maybe what we need to do to give this universe a proper kicking in the ass is to make a open source Quake MMO.

700 replies from 700 different users by December 25th is what we need for this to happen.
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Alternative Point 
Unless things have greatly changed over the last 2 years, you can barely get 10 people to play a pick-up game on the existing servers. Your MMO is likely to to be more of a BAO (barely anyone online). That will be obvious when you don't even get 100 posts in this thread without a lot of duplicates, though. 
Aw Look 
Shucker got so angy he registered an account. 
The dullard Shucker is contributing to the imminent success of this great project. 
@the 2 Above Me 
I am not angry. How could I be angry that Baker wants to waste all of his time and skills on this? What I am is realistic. This is a stupid idea and a complete waste of life. Not to forget to mention that Quake MMO already exists. It's called the darkplaces engine and accompanying server.

I would argue that it's pretty dull to waste all your time and effort customizing a 26 year old game for eleventeen people.

It doesn't matter. Without massive spam and repetition you won't get to 70 posts, much less 700. 
How much time, effort and money will you have to invest in this idea, and what will your return on that investment be?

You spent a bunch of time on Engine X just to essentially dump it and continue work on Mark V. My point being: you dumped a bunch of custom work to resume work on an existing engine. Darkplaces can already handle some ridiculous number of players on a server. If we look at the past, you'll likely end up dumping a bunch of darkplaces into Mark V AFTER spending X time ALMOST reinventing the wheel. It'll be your new loop which is essentially identical to the old loop. 
It'd Still Be An Upgrade Over Current Affairs Tp Do That Though... 
People refuse to play DP for various reasons. Even if the MMO fails to come to life, there will be the lines for others to pick up where he left off, and Mark V improves further.

Besides, this is a good time to try anyway with the increased activity in the past few years. SP/MP Q1 have grown further and further apart. An MMO (or something like it) would be a good way to bring both sides of Quake community more together. 
I understand the love/hate relationship with DP, but it doesn't change the fact that the MMO code is already there. Ripping it out and compiling it into a new engine and server can't be that hard, especially if you are familiar with the engine code.

Someone like Spike or Baker should be able to do this very easily. Shit, I could do it and I am not on either of their level when directly dealing with Quake engines. If that's the plan then I would vote "bang it out". However, Baker said he is contemplating MAKING Quake MMO, which implies that he intends to start from scratch. My vote on that is "waste of life". 
is a waste of life and an insult to Quake.

More importantly, Shucker made an account on a forum full of Quake fans with the sole intent of continually belittling and undermining any passion they have for the game by dismissing it as a relic, unworthy of any more time or effort. Poor form. I think Shucker should be permanently banned from the mmo and be forced to look at screenshots of DorkPlaces for the rest of his sad little life. 
Thread’s Gettin’ Beefy....noice 
I wanna see Mark V Winquake fully updated to handle the state of the art quakery. MMO shizzle can be done on the side, during lunch or whatever. 
The Flaw With Shucker's Thought... 
Ripping something from other source ports without the creator's permission seems to be a massive no-no. The fact of the matter is a lot of the time reinventing the wheel has been needed for that reason.

That's why even now QS/QSS hasn't fully overcome other engines in certain aspects: those features would be stolen if it could be gotten away with. 
Word. Mark V is such a wonderful port. Just needs a little TLC.

I mean just the Injector integration was worth the price of admission. 
All quake source ports are derived from GPLed code, so you don’t need to ask permission to take code from other source ports. 
No, Go For It. 
A DarkPlaces MMO would be the funniest fucking thing to see in 2022. 
Hmm Yes 
Just saw the RSS and immediately registered just to say yes please. 700 posts might seem much but is fair. It can be done with some hacking I think so let's hope 665 replies come out of nowhere 
I'll check in.
Wait.., holy acronym.
What is a MMO? 
Are We There Yet??? 
I'm Already Doing This 
Except its a roguelike, not an MMO.

I've got no online prescence for it yet. It's basically set in the same story space as my Quake stuff, with some models taken from the last mod I was working on.

Named Exarch, with a few ideas stolen from Kawaiik (hence the MMO link).

It works on a hexgrid to produce more organic and fluid levels than boring old rectgrid.

I'll post some pictures on a new thread later if anyone cares to stop hijcking Baker's.

Got two fractured fingers so a bit slow to type and stuff. 
I don't get the reactions in this thread.
This seemed like another of Baker's drunk posts to me so it made me chuckle and I moved on...

But if you're serious, then I'll just say that personally I don't care for MMOs in general, so you'd have to be a bit more specific about how you plan to MMO-ify Quake to pique my interest.
But to each their own. If that's a project that motivates you, then by all means, go ahead :)

Like the others in this thread, I wouldn't mind an updated Mark V. It was my go-to engine for a while before in became too outdated and couldn't run new maps. So thanks a lot for that.
But if that ship has sailed for you, then who are we to demand anything from you?
Seriously, take care and do what you like. 
MMO? Nah, GMO Is Better. 
Let's make Quake GMO, starting with rottweilers and rotfishes. We should eventually figure out how to create a Shambler.

Personally, I'll enjoy having a fiend on a leash to take out for a walk. 
Open World Gameplay 
I, for one, can't wait to seamlessly jog from the brown castle, to the green castle, to the other brown castle. 
Open World Scraps 
So Are We Doing This? 
Order Of Operations 
1. Use intellect to get rich.
2. Use newfound financial freedom to play about with projects like realizing the image that the name "QuakeWorld" initially conjured up for you. 
Catch Up Slowpokes 
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