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Shall We (me And You, Mostly Me) Make A Quake MMO?
Do you want a Quake MMO?

I, Baker, the strongest of us all (although I never chose to be such, but yeah I am and you know it too, I only regrettably acknowledge it) -- am trying to figure out my legacy beyond creating, Quakespasm version #0, Mark V, QuakeDroid, making a programming language and other things my "meat form" has done.

Maybe what we need to do to give this universe a proper kicking in the ass is to make a open source Quake MMO.

700 replies from 700 different users by December 25th is what we need for this to happen.
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Will This Involve Penises Or No-penises?? 
This is a great idea, thank you. 
Don't Know What Do You Mean By Mmo Term, But 
Invasions to someone's singleplayer playthrough and occasional co-op/pvp sounds interesting. Also persistent maps where mobs don't respawn right with you after map reload, but rather over time. Coop horde modes and shit would be cool too. 
Go For It 
Since the hostile takeover of quake by Machinegames, we need to up our game and fight back, to reclaim The Brown Game again for the community.

This could be the start of our offensive. 
#4 Is Not A Joke 
He's that far gone. 
Make Quake Brown Again 
And let's finally put them QuakeCoins to good use! 
Here Is My Reply... 
Go for it! 
Reply #8 
Take this: 
The Face Of Schizophrenia Himself. 
how's embarrassing google and microsoft going btw mate 
Maybe Sober Up First? 
Just a humble suggestion. 
Move over Metaverse, we’re building the Elderverse! Or the Netherverse. We’ll figure that out later. 
Pay to win, only $9.99 to unlock the Rocket Launcher! 
This will be built as a mod for RuneScape, naturally. I can't wait! 
So You Want To Make An MMO 
Why not? This would be a fascinating project for pushing tech, if nothing else. 
Only 675 Left 
Count me in, although I've never played an MMO. If it's Quake based - why not.

But would rather see an updated Mark V. We could probably get 700 posts for that. 
LOL Math 
685 posts to go. This one doesn't count. 
Random Reply To Help 
No idea what an MMO is but posting is free. One less to go. 
I've never played or seen any form of MMO in action but if it helps the mighty Baker then I'll donate my first post here to him.
Let me know if you need any testing sir
Kind regards
Sounds Good! 
I say do it and shake things up! I have faith you will do a project like this justice! 
I'm a mmo 
You should do something useful with your skills, and stop dicking around with a free 26 year old game. Claiming you are the strongest one at making Quake shit is like a cry for help. Go do something that is actually useful. 
Alternative Point 
Unless things have greatly changed over the last 2 years, you can barely get 10 people to play a pick-up game on the existing servers. Your MMO is likely to to be more of a BAO (barely anyone online). That will be obvious when you don't even get 100 posts in this thread without a lot of duplicates, though. 
Aw Look 
Shucker got so angy he registered an account. 
The dullard Shucker is contributing to the imminent success of this great project. 
@the 2 Above Me 
I am not angry. How could I be angry that Baker wants to waste all of his time and skills on this? What I am is realistic. This is a stupid idea and a complete waste of life. Not to forget to mention that Quake MMO already exists. It's called the darkplaces engine and accompanying server.

I would argue that it's pretty dull to waste all your time and effort customizing a 26 year old game for eleventeen people.

It doesn't matter. Without massive spam and repetition you won't get to 70 posts, much less 700. 
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