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Retroquad Engine 0.10.0 Public Release
Here's my Christmas present for everyone this year:
Retroquad 0.10.0.

I'm looking for feedback, both good and bad.

I've had only one report of people being unable to run it in Windows 7. Can anyone else can confirm this? I wonder if that may be caused by me compiling it under Windows 10, but I don't have a Windows 7 PC to debug it myself anymore.

As stated in the readme, part of the performance issues in this demo is that half of the vanilla Quake maps were recompiled without VIS data, so all of their polygons will be processed at all times. So, performance will vary significantly between maps with VIS data and maps without.

If you wish to compile this engine yourself, use the CodeBlocks project file. The Visual Studio project file is outdated because the Visual Studio compiler produces bad results. TDM-GCC compiles it properly.

My development environment:
Code::Blocks 20.03
TDM-GCC 9.2.0
MS Platform SDK for Windows XP SP2
DirectX SDK (I don't know the exact version, but it's from 2004).

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