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Retroquad Engine Release
Things have been extremely difficult since last year, and now I'm having to turn to everyone I know to ask for help.

This week I've released the engine I've been working on for the last years: Graphical breakthroughs in the Retroquad engine. As explained in the article, my life is reaching a dead end and I don't see myself being able to keep going.

I've created a donation campaign to raise some funds to try to overcome at least the most urgent problems. If anyone can help and share it, it will be very appreciated.
For shearing your hard_earned results!

I'm not that envolved with engine adjustments, more the one that enjoys good old dos quake. Thing is, since the gl aprovements had their entry, it felt like something better. But then my surprise of not seeing a whole monster clearly made it more anxious.

I tried to understand things like pov tracements, pixel on vector. Not sure if it has something to do with what you're doing. But I do encourage the time people take to make the Quake engine better, Ericw for the compilers, Baker for MarkV, metslime for Fitzquake, and so on.

Hard to hear you have a rough time, I have no solution for it. No matter how much I try to make myself a life, life will go is own way. I can only wish you best of luck with what will come.

I'm much curious to see what you have acomplished with this treasure_ware.

Plumivitius Fluctuaris. 
I've tried to get this working on about 5 Win10 computers and they all bring up the same error. Hypethreading was disabled on all and they all had loads of disc space and RAM available. All were Intel CPUs. I've tried running from as many different locations too. C drive root, C drive sub-folder etc etc. Administrator, compatibility, optimisations disabled etc. Edited -basemem and -heapsize values. Nothing.

Running executable directly showed this:
"COM_LoadFile: not enough space for cache/colormap.cbm"

Running any batch file showed this:
"Not enough memory free; check disk space" 
An impressive amount of work on display in the blog post. I downloaded it last night (2 GB!) but haven't had a chance to actually run it. 
Same errors here. And I have a decent machine. Although I have not attended disabling multithreading just yet. 
Memory Errors 
Try reducing -basemem to 1536 and -heapsize to 1280000 or something like that.

Memory management is one of the weakest points of this engine. All free time I could get I spent implementing the ideas that came up to my head to not risk forgetting them. With everything that happened in my life in the last years, I didn't have enough time for testing and debugging. There were many times when I spent months without touching the code.

The skybox code suffered greatly from that. I didn't have enough time to keep porting all compatibility changes from the texture system to it, so I just let the skybox code rot while doing countless updates to the texture system. And now I don't even remember which specific changes broke the compatibility.

I still have older versions where the skybox code still works, but there are tons of differences in the related texture code. So I just released the current version as is. 
Engine works for me, but I have to wait for (literally) 4min for it to launch. I didn't bothered to turn off HyperThreading though, it was too much hassle when I had many other projects already opened... Maybe that was the problem. 
I have to wait for (literally) 4min for it to launch.

If the engine doesn't find the Quadricolor tables (provided in Retroquad\id1\cache and Retroquad\mankrip\cache) for the game's palette (provided in Retroquad\id1\gfx\palette.pcx and Retroquad\mankrip\gfx\palette.pcx), it will regenerate them during startup. Once the tables in the cache dir are generated, the game should boot up faster.

Those tables are used for lighting, blending and horizon fading.

The only data that isn't cached in files yet is the precomputed procedural particles data, but it doesn't take so long to compute. 
Retroquad was something I've wanted to try out for a long time, I'm glad you've finally released it. I didn't have any problems getting it to run, and I have hyperthreading on. i7-990 six core CPU. Its only crashed on me twice and it starts up in about ten seconds.

Knowing that its only 8 bit color, Retroquad looks incredible in motion. You really can't tell that its using just Quake's color palette. 1366x768 resolution is a good compromise between image quality and decent framerate.

Retroquad is very fragile though, as trying to load any modern map results in a closing error. Even maps that don't exceed Quake's vanilla limits can cause Retroquad to quit in frustration. But when it does work, it works well. It gives a nostalgic feel of playing Quake for the first time.

I'm very sorry to hear you are going through a rough time in life mankrip, I wish you all the best. And I'm glad you decided to release Retroquad even in an unfinished state so we could all experience its uniqueness firsthand. 
Damn Dude 
Have no comments regarding the engine, but sorry to hear about your life situation. Hope things work out for you eventually. 
Yes, some vanilla maps are crashing - most notably E1M4 and some official mission pack maps.

In some cases, crashes may occur when a map's textures are being compiled. It usually happens right after all textures finishes compiling, so running it again will work because the textures have already been compiled.

Some other causes of crashes are entity rendering. Setting r_drawentities to zero makes maps such as E1M4 stop crashing.

And in some cases, the engine simply crashes randomly upon loading the map, such as the start map (both the vanilla id1 start map and my modified version).

Also, trying to create saves in Dimension of the Past will crash the engine. 
As another gift for everyone, I've made an 1GB add-on pack for Retroquad with all textures from Quake's official mission packs, plus transparent water data and configuration files.

The sky shading file in hipnotic\cache can be moved to id1\cache (I forgot to do this).

All mission pack textures, except one, are placed in id1\textures because thanks to Retroquad's CRC naming, there are almost no texture mismatches; this helps reduce the amount of redundant files and allows custom maps to use the mission packs' HD textures.

Sorry if this is an ignorant question.

But what for? 
I'm using Windows 10 now. At first Retroquad worked OK, but after changing things around in Windows I got the "Not enough memory free; check disk space" error message. Setting -basemem 1536 and -heapsize 1288000 on the batch files fixed that.

On modern CPUs, disabling hyperthreading gives only a small performance boost (around 3%).

I'm trying to get it to compile with VS2019 MSVC, to use more modern tools and eventually implement multicore rendering. The MSVC2003 Toolkit setup used in this release is way too ancient. 
I could never get it to run... looking forward to being able to! 
New Public Release

This is the last public release without multicore rendering. Next year a number of advancements will be implemented to make Retroquad faster and better suited to creating original indie games with. If you enjoy it, please consider becoming a patron to help fund its development. Thank you. 
I didn't realize this was already posted here: 
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