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Quake 4 In Quake (Infernal Stroggos) Demo Map
Welcome to this new hellish adventure with our hero Ranger. This time Ranger traveled in time through an unknown portal and realized that the homeworld of the Strogg was invaded by demons. This story takes place in some alternate universe where the planet Stroggos is now home to the infernal demons. Can you survive on this planet? It's basically Quake 4 in Quake 1.

You can download the demo map here mission 11 hub center tunnels:

Request the first unit on my web page here:
Ain't Payin' A Dime For A Bunch Of Q-Zone Quality Maps 
To be honest I'd rather have just 1 map at a decent quality, than 31 maps that look really bad. The comparison screenshots aren't comparisons they've just vaguely similarly coloured box rooms and layouts but there's no detail, just big flat walls with textures all misaligned and coloured lighting everywhere. You should try to take more time on each room rather than rushing through it.

It's a great idea though because I've forgotten all the Quake 4 maps. Maybe I'll replay it. 
You're Charging Money For Quake Maps? 
Are you fucking serious?

Also, as others have pointed out, these look like really shit maps. 
You get Arcane Dimensions and many other great episodes and maps from really talented mappers - for free. Charging anything for an amateur project is quite pathetic.

If you want to know what quality level your maps need to have before you can ask for cash, look at Supplice on Steam. It's Doom-based and not Quake, but highly professional. And it's a full game, with new graphics, weapons, enemies, many complex maps...

I think you get the idea. If you need bucks badly, this ain't the way, mate. 
Is it Quake Maps As NFTs time already?? Woohoo. 
Is the mapsource included? 
Boy, these maps look absolutely awful. Very rushed. 
I Wonder 
Is this even related to Quake 4 in any way? Sure, maybe the maps are based on Q4 layouts, but does any of you guys see that in any of those basic levels? I can't. Looks more like Doom content converted to Quake format...

I really don't want to trash this completely, but even Romero gave away his levels for free, so there's no way I would pay even one cent for this. 
This Ain't It Chief. 
You'll get much more from this project if you just release it for free, my guy. You want to get better at mapping? Let people play and tell you what's good, what's not about your maps. Ain't nobody paying for this when we have a steady influx of high quality maps from jams and individual releases. 
Besides The Fact 
He would have to remove ANY id1 assets from his maps if he really wanted to go commercial. Which he either didn't know or wanted to ignore. It wouldn't be available for long if it went online with a price tag on it. 
Hard Truths 
Quake community mapping has been going for over 25 years. No-one has ever tried to charge money for maps (unless you count some weird "unofficial" mission packs in 1997, but they don't count really, and the publishers put a stop to that soon enough).

These maps look like the sort of thing that might have been released in 1997, and even then they would look poor to average. For 1997. We've had 25 years of maps that are better crafted than this. That's hundreds and hundreds of maps (is it thousands of maps at this point? I think it probably is). All of those maps are free. 
This thread motivated me to play Quake 4 again with 4k textures and modern lighting and actually considering it's 17 years old, it was fairly good looking AND FUN. I played it again today (it's not a long game). These levels could easily be recreated in Quake but they need a lot of detail. They're pretty small corridors, very simple layouts, in fact most of these levels would be a bit uninspiring in Quake but if you picked the best and made good use of the set pieces (there's lots, they're just not that big) it could look great in Quake.

Also, the textures have been done in 4k (6gb worth), so surely it wouldn't be too hard to convert these to Quake. Looking at them in their folders the main texture file without shader, some may not work, but definitely enough would be good enough to make an episode out of. Has anyone ever converted the Quake 4 textures to Quake? 
From The Quake Software License Agreement 
4. Use of Other Material is Prohibited. Use, in any manner, of the trademarks, such as Quake(tm) and the NIN(r) logo, logos, symbols, art work, images, screen displays or screenshots, sound effects, music, and other such material contained within, generated by or relating to the Software is prohibited.


Yeah, pretty sure it's illegal to be selling this with ID's artwork and assets all over it. 
Copied From A News Submission: 
Quake 4 In Quake Demo Maps

Posted by bpulido21 on 2022/03/09 21:20:49

The full version will be free for all in april 2022.

Download demo maps here:

There appears to be a new demo map since last time, mission 24. 
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