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Q1SP: January Jump Jam 2 Released
This is the second January Jump Jam & the first edition using the Alkaline mod. A total of 15 entries were submitted, including the following:

"JJJ 2 Start Map" Greenwood

"Jump-action Shotgun" DragonsForLunch
"Armagon's Lair" Eduardo Sánchez Barrios
"Alka Chasm Q64" Eduardo Sánchez Barrios
"Tower Tussle" Greenwood
"Ternate Sufferance" GW_X9
"Toxicity Point" Mazu (aka Hardcore Mazu)
"Murder Ball" Ish
"The Early Bird Gets..." Juzley
"The Shadow & the Flame" Konig
"Battery Acid" Magnetbox
"Part of the Machine" Omni
"The Yellow Trail" Paul Lawitzki
"Adventure fun..." Quasiotter
"Moonrust" Shadesmaster
"Qua*bert" Wiedo

Download link:

Alternate link:

Updated Map For Ish 
ish has an update to his JJJ2 map. It fixes some vis errors.

You can download it here: 
Lots to play out there, so I'm just getting started with this one. DFL's map is leeeeegit. High bar set for the rest of these! Reminds me again how great Alkaline is as a coherent well-themed Quake spinoff. 
I Can't Get Over 
how good Juzley's map is!
just big and fun and solid and creative and big and fun. 
Got to admit I'm stuck on GW_X9's map right after getting the axe. Just swimmin' around here not finding anywhere else to go. A gentle hint would be welcome. 
@Joel B 
Korenya had the most luck with that map (he completed it like a champ, albeit with a few head-scratching moments). It's a bit esoteric. You can watch him go through it around the 10 minute mark here: 
OK I see the deal. Yeah that's, hmm. OK. :-) Thanks! 
I came back to GW_X9's map for a while and got further, to the point where the "boots 2.0" are unlocked but not in my grasp yet.

This is really a fantastic map in a lot of ways. I love the feeling of mastering the place, and there's some good pacing with alternation of exploration and frantic fights. Neat tableaus and setpieces too.

I think maybe it suffers from being a jam map, in a couple of ways:

* Some of the progress-blockers need more polish and playtesting. In some cases even just better lighting would help. But I think it's a particular issue when you have to do a kinda janky barely-succesful thing to progress: first it can be difficult to tell if that's actually the intended way, and then if it turns out to work you start thinking that you should try other janky moves in the future -- which can cause frustration when 90% of those turn out to be not the thing needed.

* The experience on this map really benefits from a certain patient mindset to poke at and revisit everything. When you're in the middle of rampaging through a bunch of jam maps it can be hard to "put on the brakes" to do that.

So I mean yeah, I don't blame the map or mapper for the fact that it's part of a jam, and it's impressive that it was cranked out so quickly. Just thinking that if this was a standalone release with a bit more testing/polish then IMO it would be a gem.

Looking forward to getting back into it and finishing when I have more time. 
Finished GW_X9's a while back, and yeah really satisfying overall. The last fight was a bit much, the big baddies were packed into that room wall to wall and even with the jumpboots it was just a fight that had to be cheesed.

On Juzley's grand collect-a-thon now, got enough doodads to exit and trying to decide if I _reaaaallly_ want to rinse the map for the last five. Probably not! :-) Great execution of the concept tho! Interesting areas to uncover, good player-leading, just enough backtracking on getting new jump-boot levels. 
Quick hits on another two maps:

Great execution of a Giger-esque theme from Omni. Seems like it could be difficult to make a map like this be readable and navigable, but Omni mostly pulls it off. Nice use of escalation in jumpboot levels too.

Paul Lawitzki's series of jump challenges was a neat thing to have in the pack! I did this on skill 2 BTW although I don't know if that affected the challenges. Lots of fail-and-instantly-restart-while-gradually-getting-better fun. (The setups and signage reminded me a little of the movement tutorial challenges in Quake Live.) 
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