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Quake 4 In Quake 2 Released!
Welcome to the history of Quake 4 in Quake 2 a total recreation of all the missions of Quake 4 in Quake 2. You will enjoy the following in this modification:

• Remastered Music from the official expansions (although you may already have them).
• Quake 3 music on some maps.
• Similar recreation of quake 4 maps in quake2.
• New graphical interface.
• Quake 4 monsters and weapons sounds.

This mod needs Kmquake2 or Vanilla QUAKE 2 with unofficial patch 3.24.

More Info

From The Quake Software License Agreement 
4. Use of Other Material is Prohibited. Use, in any manner, of the trademarks, such as Quake(tm) and the NIN(r) logo, logos, symbols, art work, images, screen displays or screenshots, sound effects, music, and other such material contained within, generated by or relating to the Software is prohibited.


Yeah, pretty sure it's illegal to be selling this with ID's artwork and assets all over it. 
NVM, looks like they backed off from trying to sell it this time around and I just didn't check the new link. 
All the monetising controversy aside, these maps are quite terrible.

The texture, lighting and brush work are all straight "This is my first custom map, made during summer break '96 :-)) find me at 46-(0)340-30021, cheers!!"

The "HD" textures are predictably horrific and look worse than anything in vanilla Quake 2. No thought went into the continuity of quality or style.

The gameplay isn't much better, it's very basic and unpolished. If these are your first maps then fair play to you, but you've got a long way to go.

Also Kmquake2 seems really bad. I've not used it before, but it's not very modern. Wouldn't it be better to optimise this for a more recent sourceport? Get rid of the stroke-inducing port/textures/effects/etc shitfire and go for a more polished approach (like what quakeulf does) and these maps won't be as bad. 
Idea Was Good... 
But execution sadly isn't. Whether the guy asks for money or not, the maps remain basic and bland in their design. Maybe they have something to do with Q4, but it doesn't matter much if they look bad. 
Found this on another social media site. As said before, the idea is really cool but the execution is just not great.

Most rooms have no lighting, misaligned textures, incorrect scaling, incorrect textures, it's just.. odd. The first few levels are basically a fullbright blockout with a couple of misaligned crates and some barrels and enemies. If this was a first project, kudos!

I could tell alot of love went into the project, so I tried sending some pointers to the maker on the social media site, but he claimed I only played the "poor maps".

I mentioned about the legality of asking for donations (as they are still asking for money for the project on their website and on the social media site) and they claimed many people are donating. 
Yes, These Maps Are Lousy, But Why The KMQuake2 Hate? 
This map pack is quite poorly made, not much above the type that would once get the author a salty roasting at Cranky Steve's Haunted Whorehouse. The author is a git for using manipulative gaslighting techniques to make you think that other people are donating to him, so you might as well too.

But Tintin, just what is you beef with KMQuake2? It is the only Q2 engine project that increases entity, model, and sound limits for level designers. Its renderer has been thoroughly rewritten for performance with vertex arrays and surface batching. It's not abandoned like many other Q2 engine projects now are- I'm still actively developing it right now. In fact, I just released a new test build on KMQ2's BitBucket repo:

Do you hate my enhanced particle effects? Do you turn up your nose at the menu background and default loadscreen? I'm not a graphic artist, and have to make do with art that others contribute or make available for free. If you have suggestions for where I can find better graphics, or are able and willing to make such yourself, I'm all ears. 
i think he just doesn't like blur and stuff. same people that hate on darkplaces. 
KMQuake2 doesn't have motion blur.

It does have a light bloom effect which can be annoying, but it's easily disabled in the video menu and is off by default. In recent releases, I've decreased the default intensity of it. I also have a rewrite planned that will only allow blooms on specific objects.

If bpulido21 included KMQ2 in his map pack with a .cfg file that forces the light blooms on and with a high intensity, I can see some complaining. 
I guess Tintin's criticism was mostly about the artistic design of the mod itself (the textures that the mod uses, the way that the mod uses the special effects, etc) and not a criticism of the engine. He acknowledged that he never used KMQuake2 before.

Even the best engine ever in the hands of a bad artist will look like crap. 
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