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Announcement -- Speedmapping Pack 218 - Episode 4
Make an Elder World themed map in 48 hours!

START: Friday May 20 (19:00 Finnish time)
DEADLINE: Sunday May 22 (19:00 Finnish time)
TEXTURES: Anything that feels like it's from the Elder World
PROGS : id1
SUBMISSIONS: Message zigi#9217 on discord, or
NAMING: sm218_author
I've sworn off speed mapping in favor of other projects. Wish I could done one. 
Thanks For Telling 
and good luck with it, just keep in mind for the next that announcements go on the speedmapping thread ;) 
Pack Released 
One For The Road.., 
..,so I started a dive with blind luck on Friday 19 may on a map to reach the deadline on Sunday 22 may ..,
..,now it is Saturday 20 may and the pack is already released! (?).

I'might not that fond of speedmapping, but is my Greenwich time cotreat or are you really mapping at the speed of light? 
this came out a year ago. The thread was bumped because of spam 
Holy Cow 
Thanks for the hint.
Life is the fast map!
Maybe they can extend the deadline by a year? 
impromptu "sm218 redo" speedmap pack? 
Saw My Train Coming.., 
Something that is done can't be changed.
Just amazed I'm the owl without spectacles that's caught on the split moment of a year.
Also an achievement, haha!

I'll wait for the next one coming. 
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