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Coppertone Summer Jam 2 Released
Suns out, guns out! The second annual Coppertone Summer Jam is a 22 (+start) map jam for the Copper mod (included) that peels Ranger out of the cold and dark, thrusting him into sunny and hot environments from veteran and new mappers alike!

Featuring new art, sounds and effects, it's recommended that you use a modern Quakespasm derived engine such as Ironwail or VkQuake for the highest compatibility.

🍉 Ranger Resort 🍉 by Fairweather and ptoing
Soulsucker by alekswithak
Dehydration Station by Bal
Death in the Shade by Dragons for Lunch
The New Order by Dataram57
Lethe's Temple by Eber150
Seti in Stone by Greenwood
Weeping Shades of Indigo by h4724
MacGyver Goes Lovecraft Beta by Mazu
Rifts to Abhorrence by HrnekBezucha
Dearth to Dust by Ionous
For Here Shall They Reign Again by iYago
Sun King's Passage by Mittens for Kittens
Inner Sea Ruins by Pinchy
Breakfast Under The Balloons by radiatoryang
Pac by riktoi
A Blaze in the Northern Sky by stickflip
Rotten Rivet by Sze
Amid A Fresh Carcass by Trashbang
The Satisfyer 2: Holiday in Finland by zigi

Download and Screenshots:
Fairweather Map Crashes! 
Hmmm, I get a total crash of QSspiked while the map attemps to autosave at some point. 
Ok, It Doesn't Crash Regular QS, Just The Spiked Version 
Again, Spiked's version should be updated! 
Not Surprised 
QSS has gone from Hero to Zero lately. 
Will rush home to check that!! 
That comment is completely unnecessary. Whatever issue QSS is having can most likely be fixed, Barnak would need to tell us what version of QSS he is using and when exactly the crash occurs. 
I'm using the latest version of QSS for OSX. The crash occured when the app attempted at an autosave (which I believe is default, in Copper). 
I think there's "impulse 210" command to disable/enable autosaves in Copper. 
I wasn't aware there was an OSX version, the website only lists Windows and Linux versions. But regardless I did play through all of ctsj2_fairweather with autosaves on without a single crash on the latest version of QSS in Windows. So I can only speculate its something odd happening with the OSX build. 
There are only two things that QSS have that QS don't have and that I would love to get in the regular QS: The mod menu (which is much faster to use than the commands in the console), and the rain effect for the super map The Sepulcher.

The other visual effects of QSS aren't that good, so I could trash QSS forever, since it isn't updated anymore. 
I stand by the comment I made about QSS. Long standing users seem to be a bit unhappy with it lately. For a variety of reasons. There are plenty of posts that bear that out here.

Many people don't even know what the latest version is and where to get it. 
Iyago's Map Has Issue Withe Fog 
The fog in Iyago's map appears or disappears suddenly, when the player exit or enter interior and exterior places. Maybe this is a Copper bug, I don't know, but Iyago's map is the only one I saw with this issue. 
It Is Not A Bug 
It is just fog changed by trigger 
But then it's ugly! It doesn't make sense to see the fog change that way. 
Well, the best way to change global fog during gameplay is to do it in very small spaces where the player won't notice the change. These small spaces should be used to transition between larger areas.

It could be a u-turn, an elevator, or a tiny room with 2 doors where only 1 door opens at a time. 
I did it in thehand, in a sort corridor at the bottom of a lift, and it wasn't really noticeable 
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