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Q1SP : Null Bearing Redux
Heavy overhaul of an older map using the Alkaline mod. Fairly large, lots of optional exploration.

Download (UPDATED):

Way Too Hard 
I played it a bit, it's not bad at all, 110/314 kills, 3/14 secrets, but after that I gave up, it's WAY too hard. Played on easy skill. I said it a lot of times, I say it again: guys, please make easy EASY!

I understand a lot of people want a challenge, I really do. But you have 3 levels of difficulty to play with, even 4 if we count nightmare. Make hard and nightmare super hard, it's fine. But easy should be EASY.

And don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm a noob, I played Quake since 1996, it's my favorite game, I can finish it on nightmare without any problems.

But when I'm with only a super shotgun and a grenade launcher, super low on ammo and surrounded by a ton of ranged enemies that can deal HUGE damage... and no way to hide, except jumping and strafing like a mad man, hoping to dodge all the projectiles... this is not easy and 100% not fun. 
You probably haven't pickep up the nailgun from the top of the crane before entering the building. It should ease up the fight that gives you trouble. 
Two Thumbs Up 
I remember playing the original version of this map awhile ago and enjoying it. This redux version improves upon it in every way. Its a long map, over sixty minutes, but it manages to keep itself interesting the whole time. Great interconnectivity all throughout, gameplay is tough and requires some exploration and backtracking to keep yourself stocked on health and ammo. Definitely give this one a spin, its a favorite of mine of the year so far.

First run, hard skill: 
Forgot To Mention 
Although the readme says not to use Quakespasm-Spiked, I did anyway because it has been receiving regular updates, the latest one being a few weeks ago. There were no issues from start to finish. 
Nice playthrough, also nice tactical analysis during the final fight. It seems to be a controversial map, you either love it or hate it 
Update featuring new makkon textures, and taking into account some of the feedback. 
Version 1.2. infighting has been re-enabled for most ennemies. 
God moded through to "Hangar systems offline". Totally unplayable, but amazing layout. Those little pale buttons are an issue too... hidden away on the numerous textured cubes, they're easy to overlook. 
There was no infighting in my Some mod should probably change the top download link. 
Good point, I have now updated the link. 
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