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Q1SP Episode: Deathmatch Dimension
I've been working on this one for the last few months, but I finally took those old dm#rmx maps I made, polished them up a bit, added SIX NEW MAPS and bundled them into a full ten map episode called Deathmatch Dimension.

Included are maps based on all of the original six dm maps, plus dm7 and q2dm1, which were released later and are included in the remastered version of the game. I've also thrown in a secret map and a start map, so there is plenty to keep yourselves occupied with here.

Aside from a couple of minor progs changes, it's all vanilla, so you can play the maps in Copper or AD if you prefer. sp, coop and dm supported too.

Shots, info and download at Slipseer:

Ironwail or vkQuake are recommended.
Congratulations On Getting This Out 
I hope to have the time to play this sometime this year. Screens look great. Love the notion of a contiguous episode of these quality maps. 
These Maps Are All Superb 
Congrat, and thanks! 
I'm very out of practice so played on skill 0, just about managed to avoid dying so balance was probably about right. Only time I felt it was *too* easy was the end of Geophobia as I was gearing up for an epic finale given the messages.

Also didn't notice the exit in the last map and wondered around way too much wondering what to do (even emptied my nails at one point)

That aside though, amazing work. Absolute classic even. Perfect blend of neat architecture, tightly executed details, foreboding atmosphere, excellent layout efficiency and spot-on monster placement. Really works as an episode too with the later maps feeling more intense. Especially loved the ending to The Dark Portal (despite a comical attempt to take down a group scrags with the GL)

Demo: with various comments

Wasn't great with the secrets, although I did find one 'unmarked' one :-) Will have to go back and look for others, and the secret level

Thanks so much for sharing, and long live Dave the Quake Marine (with his 25 shells) 
Without Kidding 
Easily one of the best releases this year so far, in fact quite possibly even of the past few years. Didn't have this one on my radar at all. Gotta admit I was a bit sceptical at first when I read these maps were based on DM releases, but boy, was that unnecessary. Excellent quality, enjoyable gameplay, top-notch atmosphere plus entertaining secrets. Those id tributes put the icing on the cake for me. Hats off, man! 
Great Maps 
Really enjoyed playing them, great work! 
Amazing Stuff 
This one took me by surprise, even though I had secretly hoped that you would finish the whole remix project some day. First Quake release I've played in a couple of years, I think (with the exception of ionous' map). And totally worth it!

The levels are all very good, visually and in terms of gameplay. I enjoyed the episode a lot, the new maps, and going back through the older ones again after a few years.
What makes them so great as remakes/remixes is that they feature both recognizable elements from the originals (some very distinct, some rather abstract), yet add so much new in terms of layout and details that they feel like new and different levels altogether while still carrying a strong nostalgic vibe.
Gameplay and combat are fun, with a bit of exploration going on that never overstayed its welcome for me. Played on normal skill, never any problems with supplies and encounters, save for a few derps. Might be tighter when playing the maps from shotgun start. I enjoyed the secrets, too. Never found 100%, but still a good amount overall, including many of the unmarked ones.

Very cool adaption of q2dm1 and while it's not part of the original set, it still works well as a final map; proper desolate theme, visually willits if that's an actual adjective...
The secret level, which I did manage to find during my playtrough, is a strange excursion inbetween. It looks like a proto version of dm3rmx with elements from e1m1 and possibly a hint of scampsp1 - at least that's what it made me think of. More plain in style, and it kind of clashes with the rest of the levels; let alone its unrelated nature to the stock dm maps. Also felt odd playing yet another base map right afterwards. But it's a nice map nonetheless and luckily I managed to find all the buttons right before frustration could kick in.

I only briefly checked out deathmatch mode. Totally appreciated it's supported. Well, to be honest, I would've been disappointed if it hadn't. Could imagine it's a bit unbalanced in terms of item/weapon placement, and seemingly several layouts have some dead-ends that may prove counterproductive for more competitive deathmatches. Of course, the main goal was to provide a good singleplayer experience, so I'm not complaining. If there's a #tf session in them, I'm in.

Did the episode on stream even; no commentary though. The VOD should be available for another four or five days if you're interested. 
this is compatible with copper? 
Yep, from the readme:

Custom Progs: Yes, but mostly vanilla. Gameplay on maps is identical to id1
other than Enforcers now drop 2 cells instead of 5, but there are some
changes that enable the start map to turn into a level select hub after
completing the episode.


Alternatively, you can extract all the files contained in the dmd/maps
folder into your quake/id1/maps folder and play them out of order, or
using a mod such as Copper or Arcane Dimensions.

These maps do not require any special mod, so should work fine with
other game mods active, although I can't guarantee you won't encounter
bugs with certain mods. For instance, DMD6's central encounter is a
little broken in Arcane Dimensions (ad), but the map is completeable.

If you take this path, you should rename start.bsp and start.lit to
something else or just start the game with "map dmd1" at the console
if you wish to play the maps in sequence.
...also The Initial Post On This Page 
dm4 is awesome. The feeling when playing it - it has that vibe, it reminds me of the first screenshots of Quake that I saw. 
These Maps Are Really Cool 
Also, I've played them all on JoeQuake, and they're perfectly compatible with KexQuake, and are in the community mod server now. I think these would work on just about any engine. Half-tempted to open them in Mark V. 
As stated above, the maps are vanilla aside from the way you get sent back to start when you have all of the runes, although this only happens when you finish any of the dmd maps.

Copper works fine, and I didn't notice any issues when I did a full playthrough with it other than there is a little less ammo due to monster ammo drop changes.

I'm sure there will be issues in some mods; Arcane Dimensions seems largely OK, but in dmd6 Cthon wakes up a little early and fires fireballs before he's supposed to. You can still kill him and keep playing though. 
Thanks for the comments and I'm glad you checked out DM mode. DM was largely a token inclusion, but aside from not really doing any DM playtesting to improve balance etc. I did put in a decent amount of work to make sure it was supported in these dm remixes.

The secret map was an old scrap of mine I finished off that was started as a slime base map because of the tiny slime base map scrap titled dm8 in Romero's map source dump. It ended up in a less than ideal spot in the map progression just because I wanted to put the secret exit in that particular spot on dmd2. I think it's a fun little map, but I can understand it might get tiring to play through two base maps in a row. 
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