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Quake Brutalist Jam 2
Quake Brutalist Jam 2 (QBJ2) was released on Oct 24th with 30 maps of concrete visual feasts and gibs galore:



The first Map pack is at:


And our discussion about it!

The start map on the original QBJ is a visual treat, I can't wait to try QBJ2 which I'm going to download and play right after I post this!
Grue's Map 
Geez! Grue's map is one of the most original Quake maps ever done/designed. With the music, the atmosphere is so extremely strong, like walking into some nightmarish modern art museum. Congrat, this is a jewel in its kind. So out of this world, so Quaky! Salute! 
wow, the hub is stunning 
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