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Speedmapping Pack 45
The 45th speedmapping session just ended, producing 5 Coagula / Space maps. We all felt that the theme was a very difficult one to work with but we carried on anyway!

The pack contains 5 SP maps by DaZ, Raptore, NotoriousRay, Scampie and myself.
(pushplay also nearly made a map :))

Get the pack here:
Me Likey 
Now this one's a winner. 
One Has No Monsters 
...that's almost as bad as the sp version of dranzdm7. 
use your damn imagination! 
./me Listens Intently For Praise 
? starbuck's map had cool little floating bits of brick though. it was like the demo for that horror game uh... undying. it was cool. 
...this is the most interesting of the speedmapping packs I've seen recently. Sure the maps still sucked, but they sucked whilst sticking well to the theme and exploring in some different and quite imaginative ways. 
quaded spires.

Very cool.

Shame about the skybox, but apart from that excellent work. 
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