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Two New Art Maps
A couple of cool new maps have been brought to my attention. The first is wvwq3dm7, a foresty Quake 3 map by wviperw:

The second is DM-AChina, a Chinese village level created for Unreal Tournament 2003, by AngelHeart:
Angelheart is mad hardcore, his stuff has always been hugely impressive if often barely playable....this one looks stunning in the shots. 
His Bladerunner Type 
ut2k3 map was pretty impressive too, but yeah you couldnt really play it. Achina does look jaw dropping though. 
thanks to DaZ and nitin for making me aware of those maps. 
I was gonna post about achina last night but Func wouldn't load (??) just came up 404 all the time after about 10-15 seconds trying to access the site.

About Achina, damn yeah it looks hothothot, but is not very playable, also has clipping bugs in their thousands :) Absolutely stunning to just look at tho... 
China Map 
Does author have a website ? Or some place with large screenshots. (no ut2 here) 
Here's A Larger Image: 
Unreal Map 
wow, that looks unreal (excuse the pun) 
wvwq3dm7 is amazing. 
wvwq3dm7 is very nice... 
Wow, that Chinese village map looks tasty. Looks to be very proffessionally done by the pics. 
Those are amazing. I can't vouch for having played any really detailed games since say, Soldier of Fortune.. so I have alot of catching up to do.. nevertheless, I'm impressed and looking forward to the immersiveness games are offering and have yet to offer.

Though it's giving you guys alot more work :\ 
Thanks, metl, for the larger image of the china map. Got any more?? That thing looked unbelievably gorgeous. 
that's the only one i could find. 
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