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Speedmap Pack 47
It's amazing... it's fantastic... it's SM47!

This pack is 3 maps made by Necros, Starbuck and myself! There was no theme, and it definatly shows in these maps! and for the first time, I think Necros's map is better than my own! SHOCKING!

Now in all seriousness, sm50 is coming up, and we'd like to do something special. If anyone has any suggestions for maybe a theme, or a neat speedmappery event, please post it!
pure genius. 
Uh Theem 
Upside-Down Cake

Each competitor builds a structure that's playable when flipped upside down. E.g. A room full of pipes and crates where you first navigate across the floor, then end up having to navigate the ceiling. Of course, one might end up walking on the walls as well...

(Spawned from an idea I had for a late SM47 entry, but gave up as it was taking too long. C/f the centerpiece of Marcus Klar's The Fly for the inspiration.) 
check out "The Fly" by Markus Klar, released in 1997. It features a small taste of what i think you're suggesting: 
Just off the top of my heid:

The Quake Blade ( SP ) -
the map must be based, in some way, on the Quake logo itself. It can take the form of a brush-built decorative feature, the floorplan of an area of the map, a funky doorway or some other ingenius incorporation of the 'nail through crescent' symbol. Textures using the Quake symbol are allowed but are not in themselves sufficient to qualify: the symbol must be created architecturally.
Examples are: the shadow clue in e1m5 - Gloom Keep
the arcane lightning conductor at the end of one of hip3m1 - Tur Torment in Scourge Of Armagon
the floor of the RL pit in q3tourney2 ( yeah, I know it's Q3A; it's just an example )

May have already been done, I don't know :/

My 2/- 
Ummmm Metslime... 
...oh nevermind =) 
necros, you crazy bastard! i enjoyed that map though... and scampie making a whole level out of a crate, can it get any better? 
I Like Fatty's Suggestion Alot 
perhaps we could expand the time limit to 150 mins (2.5 hours) to allow ample time for creation. 
re: sm47_necros

Bottle your imagination, it would be worth a fortune. :D 
Most of the time could be spent building the original structure. The idea was that you'd pass through some sort of transition phase (say a teleport or twisty passage) and emerge into another copy of the structure, but this time on its side, upside down or whatever.

/me shuts up and goes back to messing with Ontranto - only four months to complete the damn thing... 
Good luck Fatty.

I am looking forward to Ontranto very much, given the incredibly high standard of your previous maps =). 
not to toot my own horn but i made a sp sm a couple sessions ago that was made structurally of the letters within the word 'quake' :) (read: ripped off pc gamer level that spelled out 'pc gamer') 
i just played that level, the egyptian textured one?

great work, and good gameplay too :) 
that PC Gamer map was the first custom map i ever played. i thought it was really good at the time... ;)

oh, and glad everyone enjoyed my map! i love making crazy maps! :D 
I didnt enjoy it, but I like your original approach. Also I didnt know you can do the rune trick many times.
nesp10 is also quite drug-induced structure (too bad it is lit poorly and has Grand Deathknights Issue )
Makes me wonder what are you smoking :)))

overall very annoying smpak (for many reasons) 
"do The Rune Trick Many Times?" What Trick? 
and, alas, i have a good excuse for nesp10 sucking so much -- i rushed it. that's why the blue tower sucks big fat donkey balls and there are hardly any lights. *shrug* 
Okay, Okay.... 
/me bows 
sm47_necros is probably tied with bear's animal DM SM map for best speedmap of all time.

("DM SM" sounds too much like a fetish.) 
rune trick with bossgate and episodegate 
It's Not A Trick Speedy 
it's just the start map with runes in it. 
"rpg" and "fetish", the two words seem to belong together, somehow. =) 
Bear's Animal Dm Sm? 
what sm# is that? 
Dead Simple 
How about a variation on the classic Doom map. Not a blatant copy, but maps following in the idea. 
Speedmaps following an "Alice" theme, as per that little Q1SP map, Stamppot. [i think i got the name right]. 
Some Good Ideas So Far 
lets keep 'em coming!
i'll just throw some ideas in here...

Chthon/Shub Theme
All maps must contain at least one chthon or shub

sm50: the next chainmap!
Speaks for itself i think, and would round off the first 50 speedmapping sessions nicely (though timeconsuming)

I can't fuckin move
Entire map must fit inside a 1024x1024 box, (or whatever size is chosen) meaning that gameplay will have to be more innovative (or more shit) and the map will be more detailed.

New pants please
The speedmaps should put a focus on pure scariness... the more it makes you jump, the better! Plus, 'moody' lighting covers shoddy architecture pretty well!

I'll get my boat
You guessed it, im thinking of maps that contain a boat-ride.... through a submerged temple perhaps, or on a modern hovercraft around a swampy base 
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