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Speedmap Pack 51
Speedmapping 51 pack is now released and it's 50% fresher than anything you can imagine! It's got it all, thrills, chills, excitement, and more!

This glorious pack contains 4 maps made by the top Quake mappers around today! CZG! FAT CONTROLLER! SCAMPIE! and XENON! The theme was '-ish maps', which is completely comparable to doing cover songs. Except these are better.

Go ahead and download!
that was a quick news post... submitted and then a moment later... poof! gg metlslime.

There's some good stuff here this week... Sad to say but my map is the weakest link :(

Czg's version of e1m3 in jackboot is fucking beautiful and a blast to play. Nothing more to say here.

Fat Controller's e1m1 has a nice theme, but seems to come up dry with ammo toward the end :( and as Xen pointed out, you add my map and Fatty's map together, and you have 1 full e1m1 :D

Xen's endish map is great stuff :D nice looks, and pretty true to the original map. 
Scampie's looks neato! Plays cool in godmode too!
Fatty's looks cool in the beginnning, but goes kinda meh towards the end... Plays cool in godmode too!
Xen's map is a really neato idea, combining two endmaps into one grorious manifestation of mediocrity! Plays cool in godmode too!
My map is kinda botched in the gamplay department. When shall I ever learn that fiends in pits are only cool if the player can't see them before he jumps in!? Plays cool in godmode too! 
Mymap Si Teh Swak 
Fatty's was great, if only for the totally unnecessary inclusion of the megahealth secret, authentic! You can tell roughly during the map where he realises there's only 10 minutes left though :-p

Scampies.. hmmm lavaballs! Ditto with the missing out the end though. Or beginning, whicheva way you look at it. Nice theme too.

CZG, teh win. Looked far too good for a speedmap and actually played balanced too! Top job, well done that man.

I personally thought mine was the worst thing I've ever put out, but hey some people thought it was mediocre, that does me! Viva la fuckoff big gap between bars and rock at the beginning, and the blatant zerend ripoffs resulting from lack of creativity. 
Yeah, I Know 
I actually started with the outdoor area, then the start, then realised I didn't have enough time for the big spirally bit at the end. (I forgot the nail ammo too.) 
What a set of maps! This theme was a real winner.

sm51_czg : Great fun. Not that I doubt you or anything but what a huge amount of detail and gameplay to cram into a speed map. If I have one criticism it would be that there are too many monsters on Easy skill. Heehee, fine-tuning the skill settings on a speedmap. Oh, and if I was going to be really, REALLY whiney I would have called it "Necropolish" not "Necropolisish". Uh. I'm rambling now. Most people would be happy to have made this as a map, let alone a speedmap.

sm51_fat : I really wish you'd had the time to finish the end because the first 2/3 where real fun. The lack of ammo made it challenging and I really like the wooden stockade look of the outside area.

sm51_scampie : It's a straight line. Albeit a bendy straight line. What's the word I'm looking for? Linear. That's it. I still enjoyed it, though.

sm51_xen : The truest to the original, IMO, and huge pools of blood never go amiss. But the inclusion of the red armour meant you could just run forward shooting and get through the mass of monsters quite easily.

Well slap my arse, I seem to have written more than UWF usually does in his full reviews. Sorry.

Thanks, guys. You've really not helped my insomnia one little bit. :-)

Congrats To All Who Participated 
All were a blast to play, with czg's the standout for me. It amazes me what people can do in so little time. Seeing the maps that were made, perhaps this would have been a good one for No.50, but then, 50 is just another number.

Well done all, thanks. 
Scampie, Are You Stuck In A Time Warp? 
I have noticed that if you look in the zip, or check the properties of the .bsp, it shows the following,

sm51_scampie.bsp (modified)10/09/2001 6.45pm

And I checked back to SM44, and all you maps show modified in xx/09/2001. Just found that odd? Or are you just getting 2 years headstart on the speedmapping? ;) 
it's just that I've been inside my 30 day trial of cuteftp for 2 years and I can't bring myself to crack it or get a newer version, easier to just keep setting my system clock back to the beginning of september 2001 when the 30 days is up. ;D 
A shocking lack of suckage in this pack!!

I demand a recount!! 
/me Recounts 
Yep, I still have two nads. Thanks for being on the awares, Shambler. 
sm51_czg and sm51_xen are the bestest IMO.

Thanks to all for alls contributions. 
Great Maps 
all of them. Only some minor ammo shortage (had to axe a Shambler ...) and xen's map isn't sealed. Otherwise fun gameplay, good looks and nice theme! 
Cant Use Them For QW ;( 
what should I do?
I use fuhquake and mqwcl 
Use Some Other Maps 
I can't speak for the others, but I didn't build my entry with DM in mind.

I'd recommend going to and getting the DM maps there. Especially RCDM10. 
Nice p1mp job, Fatty. ;) 
These are singleplayer maps, they'd suck for DM even if they had the right start entities! 
...can open singleplayer games. You just have to choose sp on the menu and then load the map... 
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