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New Q1SP Map: "Nastrond"
It turned that I've just finished my QSP that I was building for over than one year.


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ok, i'll cram the horde of the monsters for you into the next map if it'll exist. don't cry then ;) 
Dont Worry. 
i wont cry.
i'll be smiling as i take them down. :) 
"the next map"
We will all hold you to that!!

"if it'll exist."
And we will all disregard that, as the ramblings of a man under pressure from the throng. 
Uh Oh 
"under pressure from his thong"? 
First batch of Nastrond speedrun demos are up at SDA.

I'd put a link here but I don't know how to put links into posts. :-) 
I found out how to do hyperlinks and posted a link while I was off having a dump. That was clever of me.

Just curious. Who did it? 
And yes, i'm pleased :)
Now, go make faster runs! :) 
Was Me 
Your welcome :) 
Pretty In Pink. 
Whoever did that Easy run should have their bollocks chopped off. Don't people have any shame any more?? The end trick was neat though.

N 100% was quite entertaining - I knew there had to be some bloody "tiny little texture difference tucked away in dark corner" secret somewhere.

Well, I can see running on this map is going to be a real fertile garden of radical improvements, route choices, and trick optimisation....*cough*. Go do more Could runs. 
Cheers d00d. 
Chequered Floor... 
Vondur - I love you and I want to have your little gothic ruskie babies. 
This Is A Title 
Vondur, your map inspired me a lot. Great work! Hope I'll finish my own q1sp :) 
Can't believe I've managed to miss this map as I love Vondurs maps. But it turned out I must have only played the very beginning of it for some reason.

Anyway, absolutely wondrous map allt the way through. Very clever as well. I don't want to spoil it if there still is someone who hasn't played it, but yeah - WTF?

Certainly on my top list of best QSP maps ever. 
Nice Necro 
Damn, 17 year necro. Literally every student at the school I work at is younger than the post gap. So much has happened since then! People I know have families now, the financial crisis destroyed lives, Brexit, VR Porn... 
This thread predates Return of the King.

And that film still feels like yesterday...

arkngt, if you want to leave thoughts on old maps, it would be better to comment on their entries on than bumping ancient threads here. 
I Don't Know About That. 
No, No It Wouldn't. 
Func is still a good, viable forum, it's a nice place to have discussions and leave feedback, and it's not so overburdened with new news that bumping old threads is a problem. 
hallo, at least i fixed old b0rked download link in the post. 
I Like Old Thread Bumps 
We Need Moar Vondur Maps 
This Was Most Enjoyable 
With the exception of one behind-spawning fiend (which luckily didn't one-hit kill me), I found this to be a lot of fun. Clean solid build, nice gameplay, and it held my attention until the end. This and his map, Elements, make one nice pair! 
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