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The Dream-Quest Of Unknown Kadath
Believe it or not: I finally managed to finish my latest Quake DM Map GomDM6 - Kadath.

Get it while it's still slimey!

Direct Download:
Definitely A Keeper 
I like the visuals. Architecture is a little flat and undetailed, but I didn't mind that for some reason. I really like it. Lighting also seemed a little flat with too much ambience, but I didn't really mind that either, unlike in Von's map. Strange.

I can't comment on gameplay because I haven't played it with anyone, but good job on finishing a releasing something.

...down in the hole Jesus tries to crack a smile... 
I usually don't download new releases - cause I'm hip, bitter and jaded, you all know that. But I'm a hopeless Gom fanboi - so this time I did. Rocks like Springsteen on speed, good job.

Damn, I wanna get started making that Got verdamnt q3ctf level. Maybe it's time to give in to the dark side and download gtkradiant. 
Gom Si Teh 

more proper maps! 
as i said on IRC, i think it looks nice, good detailing and texturing although a little boxy.
Looks like it'd play well...

...beneath another shovel load
And I heard it in the wind, and I saw it in the sky
And I thought it was the end, and I thought it was the 4th of July...
cool map i really dig it, the holes in the ceiling/floor are cool esp over mh, and the lava is neat as well, seems like itd be a blast in ffa :)

cheers to gom! 
I Still Like It 
Altho what you've done with it is really nice -- dig the old skool flava =) 
Not Bad 
I give it a 0.37pi out of e. 
GomDM6 Retexturing Project 
Borked texture by the lava looking back from the MH. 
Thanks for the comments everyone.

pushplay: 0.37pi out of e, that's not the best score one can get :(...

Speedy: Nice ;)

Shambler: Damn, just checked and I have to say: I suck! 
I'll Be Honest, 
I didn't enjoy it a huge amount. It looked brilliant, very well made and definitely breathes some life into the old e3 textures, but the layout didn't really appeal to me. I prefer tighter, more vertical maps where it's easier to run/jump for cover, should you be under attack with nothing to fight back with. Found myself being chased down corridors and through large rooms quite a bit and getting picked off from behind... quite annoying. Combat mostly took place on the flat.. which got frustrating for someone like me who loves jumping down huge heights raining rockets on people.

Like I said though, very much a looks map... and I did appreciate the func_ilusionaries on the overhangs above the stairways, nice touch which made the frantic running around alot easier to bear :-) 
I said e? I meant phi. I don't know what I was thinking. 
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