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Where The Hell Did That Camera Go?
First of all,dont laugh!:),im just wondering why the camera dont show any picture in gtk radiant when im a certain amount of grids away from where you start when you have first loaded the program.Ive just recently switched over from using radiant(ye,i know its out of date)to gtkradiant,but this problem didnt occur i radiant,anyone who even has a slightest idea of what im doin wrong or why the program works that way please reply.

Try turning cubic clipping off? 
As Nonentity Said 
Turn cubic clipping off. It's under the View menu. 
it's in the mapping help thread. 
Compatibility Issues 
No its not the cubic clipping,thats the first thing i tested out.
Ive found out what the problem is,its simply compatibility problems between gtkradiant and ati radeon cards,so i guess there is not much to do but go back to the good ol' radiant 
I Use A Radeon 9700 For Gtkr... 
make sure ou have the latest drivers and latest gtkr. perhaps it's some issue with how you have things set on your system. 
Same Here. 
radeon card, no problems... 
What Driver And What Version Of Gtk Are You Using Necros? 
see headline. 
the newest catalyst drivers from ati's site.
i'm using gtkr 1.2.11 (i am too lazy to upgrade) 
I have the newest drivers catalyst drivers,but I was using gtk 1.2.13,maybe thats were the problem is,well its worth a shot.

Thanks to all who have taken their time to post a reply.

Sorry,my Mistake 
well it finally came to that i didnt have the newest driver to mye radeon card.And with the newest one now the gtk works like a dream.

Thanks for the help. 
Uhmm,not Really 
nope,damn drivers,the errors is still I am using the the newest catalyst driver and gtk version 1.2.11 
whats this post you have linked to supposed to clear up? 
Do Latest ATI Drivers Work With FitzQuake? 
I'm on old drivers because when I've updated, GLQuake (and FitzQuake) don't work properly. I have a Radeon VIVO which uses 7200 drivers.

I'm on WinME (PoorME). 
Ati Radeon 9600 Pro with the new drivers. FQ works fine. 
Oh Wait, 
just realized you were talking about the 7200 drivers. :P 
I think that directing you to the thread which that link took you to, was, perhaps, a subtle suggestion that this should have been posted in the "Mapping Help" thread, and not necessarily in a thread of its own.

I could be wrong though, it has been known to happen. 
Although it's not really a 'mapping' question...

Anyway, I've tried GTK with a 9000, a 9600 and a 9700 and never had problems with any of them, try a tech support forum somewhere. 
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