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Another New Q1SP Map!
I finished my medieval quake single player map 'Day of the Lords'.

Screenshots -
Download -

Hope you enjoy it & I welcome any comments.
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... Don't Expect For Authors To Make Runnable Maps, 
some months ago I mailed 2 beta maps to morfans (I think it was him) asking to test them in order to make the maps more speedrunner-friendly and usable at SDA. He said he would look but never mailed any feesback or anything. 
I can't answer for morfans but I know we (i.e. sda crew in general) would definately give you the help you send them to us?

scampie: You whine a lot. Maybe not in this thread, but in general (as far as I've seen on the msgboard). But hey, whatever floats your boat. 
That was the necropolis map and the long outside map, yes?

Fairly sure I did reply to you, you know. 
I am only intending to remove the offending clip brush discussed above & correct the easy run kill stats. 
Skill 2

Died once when I teleported into the courtyard and all 3 Fiends hit me at exactly the same time. I also quicksaved & loaded several times to avoid tedious jumps/walkrounds (e.g. those damn beams). Thanks for the warning about ammo, I found it no problem through the map as I was being pretty careful earlier on. From what I saw, more to start and less later would have made sense.

Anyway, awesome map in every sense of the word. Reminds me an awful lot of the best of Unreal mapping which is saying something. Loads of interesting designs and mad use of the scenery. A real kick in the bollox for those who think Quake needs a fucked up custom engine to look contemporary - nope, some custom textures and good designs is all. 
Errrr....edit That Capt'n. 
nope, good usage of great textures and good designs is all.

Oh yeah, looks very speedrunnable too. 
Top Rate Gameplay 
and nice architecture, although a bit confusing at times due to texture choices and complex pathways. Some oldskool machinery also, platforms and cylinder passages a plenty without being overly frustrating.

Hard at beginning as mentioned above but survivable without axing (on Medium). Later the ammo/weapon supply was perfect, just in time when needed. Stats for me were about an hour, 156/158 and 5 secrets found.

My main gripe was the light level, which I thought was way too low. Maybe I should've played it at 11pm instead of 11am ...

After finishing off the last vore, I still had plenty monsters left so I went spelunking and found a hidden door that opened up a pretty large part with several monsters. I couldn't find any other open entrance, was this intentional or did I miss something? I thought it might be too easy to miss this nice area.

Overall, great map with lots of exploration and good and hard combat. 
Mindblowing level. Definitely the greatest standalone qc-free map I've ever played. The way the all the rooms manage to fit together is incredible, taking into account the quality and consistency of the architecture. Anyone can create huge curved structures and rooms with practice but it takes raw talent to be able to weld it all together so seamlessly. And the lighting, jesus christ man.. getting the light levels absolutely perfect and fine-tuned on a map that size!? Now that just takes insanity. Icing on the cake definitely came with the innovative func_train usage.

Whilst it lacked the 'soul' of some of my old favourites (which I still rate higher purely because of nostalia factor) this is the nearest-to-perfect thing I've ever seen done for quake. Glassman, you're a freak, you're inhuman. I'd kill for a tenth of your mapping talent! Nice one. :-) 
Thanks again guys, glad you liked it :)

Shambler - Undule's textures are excellent and were originally designed for Unreal so maybe thats where a little of that comes from and obviously castles are a big theme.

aguiRe - the door to the RoS area is one of the secrets. It can sometimes open by accident due to combat in the area so you might miss the actual door opening & yes 11pm is definitely a better time ;)

xen - the way I made the map was to design a regular castle. If you noclip above it you'll see its a perfect square with the 4 large rune towers at each corner. I think this lends a feeling of cohesiveness that you don't always get with a progression of rooms although the problem was to make a route through it seem logical (using gates).

Glad you noticed the lighting. I was mad to spend so long on it :) 
Fuck off. 
The way the all the rooms manage to fit together is incredible, taking into account the quality and consistency of the architecture. Anyone can create huge curved structures and rooms with practice but it takes raw talent to be able to weld it all together so seamlessly.

That is a very good point. 
Didn't noticed the obligatory "small but blatant borked" b0rked texture in this. Where was it you buggger? 
I Couldn't Possibly Say 
but theres an ogre with particularly nasty aim guarding it ;) 
great comeback! really! shows how intelligent you are!
now stfu. 
That wasn't a comeback. It was a 'stop being a crybaby dickhead just because I once told you in a completly differant discussion that you were stupid'. Now quit turning this into a fight and just get the fuck out of my community. 
oh that's not it. It was me saying you whine too much which pissed you off. If you whine less and stop being such a cunt I'm fine.
So just chill. 
Flamewar! Flamewar! 
mushroom.. mushroom.. 
Thank you underworldfan.

Incidentally, at the risk of appearing an internet bore, I have posted a few photographs on my website with more to come. Some may serve as architectural reference. 
you rock! 
I Loved GMSP1 
So I'm very much looking forward to this map. 
The Textures 
I want RT-gnosis in top quality jpg or atleas original bmp
anyone ? 
The Magic's Back 
Lots of nice levels lately, sorry to not list them all, but I was starting to wonder if I'm starting to lose touch with the Quake magic. Surely I am partially, but this seemed to do the trick. Also very critically tuned on Hard.

(Actually i do need to mention necros' speedmaps, YES!, although that's not the magic either.) 
A Quick Note.. 
..that I have updated my website with the new version, url as before. Differences are minimal as outlined in post #49. Therefore no need to download unless you are a speed runner. Thanks to Morfans for testing. 
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