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Speedmap Pack 53
ATTENTION ALL BATTLE UNITS! Speedmap pack 53 has been released! I repeat, Speedmap pack 53 is released!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot over, this 4 map pack is filled with boxy cubey action from Moz, Starbuck, Scampie, and RPG!

Sources indicate that it may be downloaded here:

Good luck soldier, and godspeed.
Good Stuff This Week 
My map is a direct ripoff of Vondur's style. bit short and boring, but oh well.

Moz's map is where it's at this week. Awesome idea and execution. Nothing fancy to look at, but that's not what's important here. Great job.

Starbuck's map is nice looking, and has great gameplay. Too bad he deviated from the cube theme late in the map, but it's still excellant.

RPG's -ish + cube version of his own latest Q3 map comes off without a hitch. Very interesting in design, and the layout and play look great.

Good work by all! 
Pack Summary 
Here's a quote from IRC just minutes after the pack was released:

<RPG> Moz: How am I supposed to get out of the first room?!
<RPG> Starbuck: Nice RPGSP1 rip off!... which ripped off Arcane.
<RPG> �_�
<RPG> scampie: Vondur would be proud.
<RPG> I nominate my map for best of the pack!
<RPG> Pack Summary brought to you by MapAde.
* Starbuck nominates himself for best supporting actress
I should admit to plagiarizm before someone acuses me of it. sm53_RPG is blatantly stealing ideas from Gilt's TRW. 
Enjoyable Pack 
yeah mine was an ish mishmash i guess you could say, the obvious influence being RPGSP1, which supplied the textures and part of the layout. Also there was a bit of e1m3, and the bar in the corridor that is opened by a key is from solarfall, comrades :) 
rpg's map si teh best
scampie's map si teh hug
startbuck's si oldskool hug
moz's er, how to exit first cube? 
Moz' Map 
One of the doors in the wall will open if you ride the push triggers up to them; and those triggers are directly in front of and beneath them. 
Yeah, moz's map was fun once I worked it out, I bailed out on the last 4 shamblers though and went straight down the shut :)

Starbucks was a blast, my fav from the pack, but they were all good, well for speedmaps.

Thanks all 
I Started Late And Gave Up Early! 
Moz: very definitely in the speedmap tradition.

Scumpie: again in the right tradition, only the decent architecture lets the suckage down.

Starbuck: CUBIC?! Disqualified.

RPG: Spot the cheat. Not sucky enough although, hell it might even play okay, but the square rocks are adequately terrible. 
Do the other theme next time, was a good idea that one =) 
Spot the cheat.

I resent that. I spent the same amount of time as the other participants.

But it's nice that you thought it was good enough to claim that I cheated! 
Sm53_bear R4wkz! 
Can I Change My Vote? 
I nominate sm54_bear as best of the pack. 
I didn't know you could see the future RPG!

how's that workin' out for you? 
Not Very Well 
I couldn't predict my typo. 
i predict it would be easier if there was an edit button. 
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