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New Map From Speedy
Speedy decided to release a fun little Q1SP and not tell anyone. Anyway, it's a short, custom-textured "-ish" map with a twist. Good for 10 minutes of fun.

download and info:
Perversely, he named it "spd" so be sure to back up your copy of Gilt's Symbiotic Pipe Dream before installing. 
...quality mapping, nice remake, didn't understand the end at all. But I got bored 1/2 way through and finished with god/im9. Not speedy's fault (for a change) just not in the mood for quake. 
What was up with that gimmick bit? Was that something from Doom2 that I don't remember?

Speedy: I recorded a demo. I can send it to you next time we're both on IRC. 
Cool Map. 
very nice redoing of the doom2 map.
cool gameplay, in that there was always monsters, and didn't slow down the action at all.

i just don't get the end... it's really fucked up. i had a hard time finding the exit too... what the heck was that all about? 
I thought the ending was cool except for the boxy underwater architecture. Apart from that it was failry solid, if unexceptional, lighting could have been a lot better but it was a nice time killer. 
it was nice... apart from that, it was really... well. not good. 
Fuckee Fuckee 
i take it back. played the level a few times and it ruled! hehe. 
DooM 2 
I liked this map. It was a pleasing tribute to Map 1 but also mixed in it's own content.

The ending really reminds me of a DooM or DooM 2 map that I played before.

I found the exit easily by accident the 1st time through but after that found it more tricky to locate. Freaky ending but it's nice to experience new things from time to time. 
if the exit hadn't been so hard to find (for me, at least) and the brushwork had been a little nicer, the end could have really looked cool. 
Have To Try It Again 
I got it up and running, but the layout was to dark for me to see what was going on, and then I realized it is not the game but the actual sun outside flaring up causing it to be too difficult to see the level. I'll have to try it again tonight, that is if we are all still here, Bwhahahaha!

I'm a big fan of Speedy's skyboxes, go over to Wadfather and check them out if you have not seen them. 
hi guys 
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