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Idbase Or Runic: Which Is The Better Set?
Here it is, the thread you've all been waiting for! The line in the sand has been drawn and sides are being chosen!

In this corner, weighting in at an impressive 5,000 pounds of pure metal, concrete and dohickies, the reigning champion of the world, it's IDBASE!

And it's challenger, sporting the blue and brown trunks, covered in arcane symbols, the master of darkness and evil, the RUNIC set!

Which will prevail as the top dog? Which is the better set for Quake maps? Why should mapper's choose one set over the other? Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children!?
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In Case Anyone Didnt Know 
my personal huge stash of idbase textures and variants (need to upload newest version, but still alot in here) 
downloading now, thanks! 
So About The Topic Of This Thread 
we arrived at a consensus, right?
IDBASE is the best?

I thought so. 
Even with all the idiots voting for Idbase solely to piss Shambler off, you STILL lost miserably. Lame with added lame! 
Shamblers Refer To Themselves In The Third Now? 
The Tally 

idbase \\\\\ \\\\\ \
runic \\\\\ \\\\\ \\\\\ \\\\\ my count. Yeah obviously idbase is the best, hm. Or maybe not :-p 
And Since When Was Quake A Democracy? 
Ever since Labor took power. 

There's a fucking 'u' (same goes for colour dammit) 
Iu'm Sourry Misteur Bitiush. 
Sht the fck p, stpid yank cnt 
My vote is for runic,
cause I can write my own name in
ancient Norse Runes
I Still Say 
idbase 4 lyfe! 
Interesting Resurrect I Totally Forgot This One 
idbase is an original theme for a scifi base, but it's the non-scifi-base themes that make Quake itself unique.
that said, imagine if there was a runic set with the geometric shapes of idbase, or at least more than 90 degree lines and skulls. with crosses, made of 90 degree lines... with skulls. 
Apples And Oranges 
Runic is a very abstract texture set where almost anything goes.
Idbase usually conforms to some kind of pseudo-realistic setting.

The differences really set them apart, with idbase maps you get a sense of place and purpose and this is really fun for the player because it's easy to understand. With runic maps you can let creativity take over completely and make some horrible nightmare that is very unnerving for the player. Both of these are great as gameplay devices but the comparison makes no sense.

A fair comparison would be idbase and wizard/keep as you can imagine both as being real world locations. Or runic/blue because they are very abstract.

I like all types of maps... unless they have tarbabies. 
RE: I Like All Types Of Maps... Unless They Have Tarbabies. 
The problem with Tarbabies aren't what they do but how they do it. Terribly over powered and almost impossible to kill without some serious health\armor and weaponry (along with some serious skills).

In my opinion id screwed up by even putting them in there as they were. Their blast hit is overpowered, their touch hit is overpowered, their movement speed is overpowered and ignores basic physics to the point of unbelievability (even for the Quake universe). Cut any two of those in half and they probably would be used a lot more but as shipped they are useless for anyone wanting to make a level that people will play. 
Tarbabies Quoth 
are nerfed a bit aren't they? They creep and slug around and aren't relentless.

I'd love to see a phalanx tarbaby style boss, I think they had one in the beta but it never made it into the final game. 
And tar babies are awesome. 
not in quoth. i nerfed them in ne_ruins (and all future maps i make, if i ever finish them).

the main problem is that the tarbabies jump ceaselessly even when they aren't really in a position where they should be able to.

the easiest nerf to do to them is to put a cooldown on the next jump after it lands. that alone makes them much more manageable.

but yeah... i don't like idbase so much. idbase + ikbase on the other hand is much more fun. idbase has a lot of large textures that make it hard work with at times.
and of course i love idmetal because of how freeform it is. :) 
I made one IDBASE map and one RUNIC 
Negke 8===D ~ ~ ~~ Tarbabies 
idbase is ugly, boring and fucking monotone. tarbabies can be fun when used responsibly. use hitscan weapons. 
Really cool enemy. Yes they can be IMBA but it's up to mappers to use them well, and almost all recent usages I can think of are good and and provide fun, challenging gameplay. 
Rottweilers are the best enemy, which is another point in favor of idbase and against runic! 
are the best enemy? I know I used them a lot in q-deck but I tried to use them in fun ways. Besides, the model is horrifically broken unless you use capnbubs revamped model.
The best enemy is the Ogre IMO, which capnbubs has neglected to revamp (son' bitch gone AWOL!).

I love the deathknights too. I should go make a medieval/runic map or something. 
Ur An Ogre 
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