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Inspiration & Reference
I just wanted to know if people had any links to good websites for either level design inspiration (photos, paintings, concept art, etc.) or just for architectural reference. We had a thread like this on the old qmap, but we know how much good that does us.
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get stuff from various 3d programs like 3d studio...

they have textures. it might be illegal to use em tho! 
Asian Reference 
Welcome to, a photographic survey of Asia's architectural heritage. Here you can view over 6500 photos of 462 sites in seventeen countries, with background information and virtual tours. This website is a collection of photos from many different contributors.

Lots of great reference there. The only down side is that the images are all roughly 600x400. 
Hmmm Mebbe I Should Up Some Photos I've Taken In The Past That Have In 
pired me... why did I type that in the subject title... OH WELL ... 
Image That Has Inspired Me 
Damn You 
I have been looking four years for that picture after I saw a program on telly about the guy who made it and didn't catch his name. And then you come along and go all hey guys check this shit out! on me. Meh! 
I remember the program, 'Making Their Mark' iirc; each episode followed one artist as they created an image specifically for the program. I held on to that particular image and used it for...oh, you know. 
Mike Wilks 
Wow, that guy is awesome. 
LD Theory 
Maybe some people have links to good articles on leveldesign theory ?

For example gamasutra features, like 
could be, but that's probably a topic for another thread. 
Worth Making It A Thread Probably 
useful articles like that are hard to find, the ones on the TeamShambler site spring to mind though 
As In, They're Good, Not Useless 
Pinched From Q3W

some good stuff for inspiration and thinking. 
Copied From A Post By ELEK In The General Abuse Thread 
Thought You Guys Might Like This Page, Specially Von...
#2505 posted by ELEK [] on 2003/11/02 16:36:05
Small, But Sound 
fulscreen 15Mb, but I like it. 
Shouldn't the curve be flexing while the spike is piercing it and not before? 
Grenadine Data 
True, but this looked more jelly.
wanted a spark in it, and more rushy...
with the id comes the others.

I posted a bigger one, but the same name
returns me the stamp folio-size. 
i'm going to go make a badly animated quake symbol in rubicon2!!!!!!1 
With a little more effort those could have been haiku. 
from below us, light
foolish foe dives out of sight
lava ends this fight 
2 good replies 2 2 bad, not bad. 
waxing crescent flees
spike from above is endless
penetration now 
<- Not A Rocket... 
distrans: that sounds so hot. 
blood red pulse around
my foe who shrugs off rockets
And All Because 
you can never have too much Piranesi... 
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