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Inspiration & Reference
I just wanted to know if people had any links to good websites for either level design inspiration (photos, paintings, concept art, etc.) or just for architectural reference. We had a thread like this on the old qmap, but we know how much good that does us.
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I love you 
Art And Architecture 
40,000 images of art and architecture, brought to you by the Courtauld Institute of Art:

(Also, when you see it say "this feature is only available to registered users," don't get discouraged -- the feature you were expecting is still available, and the only thing you can't do usually is weird stuff like save your searches, build image sets for others to view, etc.) 
thanks for that, some really really nice stuff there. I know what I'm doing all of tomorrow morning. 
Eh Woah? 
I know what I'm doing all of tomorrow morning.

What, using that inspiration to start some bad ass mapping?? 
I think he means 'Masturbate furiously over them all' seeming as nitin doesn't map. 
Another One: 

This site has tons of high-resolution images. For example:

10,000+ pictures of Cairo:

50,000+ pictures of Japan:

60,000+ pictures of Italy:

You could spend the rest of your life downloading all of these. 
Shipwrecks And Derelicts: 
do you do any map making at work or do you just dig out reference sites from the net all day? :) 
You joke, but that is an important part of the mapping process, especially if you're doing it professionally.

Anyway, i found the last few links on metafilter or memepool. (browsing those is what i REALLY do all day!) 
Good One, Cybear 
but if that is what Metlslime does with his time, we are all the better for it. I've been looking at nautical themes lately too, and these links are a welcomed addition. 
The Necromonicon Antifaq

A well written piece of fictitious history for the fictitious, yet infamous, book. 
Wow Scampie That Is Some Impressive Web Design 
err, I just noticed my obvious spelling error in Necronomicon -- 'nom' name not 'mon' one, ouch. 
I was wondering when you were going to post that link to Beksinski. 
The slow loading times, self-indulgent interface and annoying music are very impressive. Nice pictures though. 
But Maj, 
it looks like it costs someone a fortune ;-) 
Ali´┐Żn Design 
A Large Collection Of Photos

There are some interesting shots in there. 
Hey, It's That Place With The Holy Grail 
Wasn't A Bunch Of Stuff Like That Blown Up Fairly Recently... the government of that country because it didn't relate to their religion?

I remember seeing some big statues built into rocks exploding. I think it was 2002 or so. 
That was in Afghanistan, where the Taleban blew up the faces on two giant buddha statues (53 meters and 38 meters tall) which were carved into a cliff face. 
Well known movie with well known pornstar Fox Mulder and well known nubian chick Dana Scully has got some cool architecture in extraterrestial base, pretty scary. 
scully is NOT nubian. 
That Is A Riot 
If Gillian is Nubian that would make Iman Hybernian. It would be interesting to see though the world is yet to turn upside down. 
Hibernian, I Meant, Of Course 
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