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Heresp2 : Bulls On Parade
Hi since 3 weeks I work on this map, I hope people like it ...
screenshots and downloads :
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Here I Dont Know If You Are Aware Of This, 
Underworld Fan: 
you reviewed it already? that's fast! 
It Was A Beta?! 
but what's the point? now everyone interested in playing the map has already done so...
i never understood public betas. well, they might work in q3, but in a community as small as this one (for q1) it's not really a good idea... 
if you don't actually tell your audience that they are really beta testers. 
What I'm Wondering Is... is the difference in this version? 
Can You Explain To Me ... 
What is the problem in frenche !!!!! 
le prob c'est qu'ils critiquent le fait que tu sorte des maps pas fini publiquement, pour ensuite les reparer et les resortir une fois que tu les consideres finis.
En general les betatest se font plutot en prive, avec quelques personnes que tu choisi, et tu distribue la map publiquement une fois que t'es satisfait avec. De plus normalement Metlslime ne fait pas de news pour des betas, mais seulement pour des maps termine (mais avec toi il est jamais sur vu que tu le precise jamais =)

Voila, c'est pas un probleme grave, mais c'est pas la premiere fois qu'ils en parlent ici a propos de tes maps et que tu comprend pas apparement (moi je sais pas, j'avai pas lu, tu peut remercier scampie encore, c'est lui qui ma demander de venir expliquer ici ce qu'il ce passait ;)

btw, die shrimp! 
if you put what bal said in babelfish for french to english translation, it reads about as well as typical Here text. 
that's because Bal is frenche 
I know now !
Bal will be my betatester ! :)
thanks scampie
merci bal (putain t injoignable !) 
merci bal (putain t injoignable !)

Bal = Putain Fran´┐Żaise! 
RPG (very funny ...) go map ===>

Who want to beta test the future version of my map =) ??? 
What map editor I use? I use winqoole v.2.5 
"oh Hey New Map" 
Nope, just another necrospam :} 
Damn NecrosSpam 
Maybe threads should auto lock after 12 months of no activity or something. Would stop this sort of thing from happening... 
Since as we all know, there's nothing worse than an old thread getting bumped. 
Doesn't have to be the worst thing ever to warrant a simple fix. 
It Doesn't Occur That Often 
Think of it as a little recommendation to replay an old map. 
Shame The Link Is Broken 
Lycos! They've got a bit trendy haven't they? I thought they were long gone, thank god they're still about... I've been looking for a website that lets me search for webpages and pictures for a while. 
I like when it happens, usually. 
I don't mind when spam bots bump map threads like this actually. Usually it gets me to replay an old map! :) 
1 post not shown on this page because it was spam
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