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Heresp2 : Bulls On Parade
Hi since 3 weeks I work on this map, I hope people like it ...
screenshots and downloads :
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I had touble with one off the lifts, (the one where you can here the shooters)just seemed odd how it worked. You could/should have used the -extra switch for lighting, that would have taken away the jagged shaddows. Texturing problem around the edge of the secret platform. The door ways where generally to narrow for my tastes, (just maybe I suck at control). A fun little diversion, Keep at it. 
This Map 
I liked some nice details (especially the first area), but I have one question:

thought something went wrong w/ registration 
Only Question: 
Why does the end welcome me to the castle of pain? 
it trigger_changelevels to heresp1...? 
I think its a good map, only thing that didnt
go so well was the part with the lift.
The monsters stand under the lift so its
tricky to get off it; also the ending could
have used another shambler or two,the fiends are too easy because theres lots of room to move, plus the 2nd secret makes the end too
easy imho.
Anyway, nice map :) 
...slow running, mmmm.

Some cool design and lighting ideas in this. When's the final version going to be released?? 
Not Bad 
I liked that it was a different style than you usually see in q1 maps. I had the same problem with the lift. Also, from the secret that takes you to the top of some tower, you can jump behind a wall and get stuck. Stuff like that should be clipped. 
That Lift... 
Looks like you used a func_plat; you'd have been better off with a toggled func_door. That way, if someone shoots the switch for the first time without standing on it, they can still get down easily enough.

The texturing is a good idea, makes a good transition from base to medievalish. 
Some Nice Ideas... 
The main problem being; it's far too cramped, found myself getting stuck on corners alot and didn't have alot of space to move about in with some areas... the whole thing needed to be bigger. The ending wasn't much too, could just run into the exit without fighting off all the monsters! Oh and that red/black floor texture blows, eugh.

Still, other than that, nice map ;-) 
A Unique Quake Experience! 
don't usually see maps like this. and maps that look good like this are few.
your really coming along as a mapper, Here.

had the problem with the lift as well...
the end room was not really good looking. the top part with the black texture looked really odd. plus the fiends were dead easy.

it's also very hard at the start, where there are all the monsters shooting it at you from all directions.

but aside from that, it was a really enjoyable map. 
also, having 4000+ wpoly is ridiculous with a map like this. you definatly need a more aggressive vis session. :) 
After Performing 
a full vis and light on this map, it's quite enjoyable. Most annoying thing would be the sound of the ever-present spike shooters.

Here, you appear to have tried to reduce fullvis time with func_walls (which can help a lot), but it still took over 1.5 hours on my P4. There are areas that you should try to fill or at least seal off with qbsp in order to reduce # visible faces.

The fact that you've actually been able to produce this map using Qoole is interesting ...

Have you tried other editors? 
Hey, Not Bad 
I just played through. Some really nice designs and brushwork, though also plenty of places to improve, visually.

One thing i'd like to complain about is your abuse of the visual language of level design. There are two really obvious cases of this: first, you have a shootable button that looks like a pushable button. Quake had special textures for each, and used them consistently. You should have used the red 'Q' texture instead of the gold one. Second, you create your own language with the spikeshooter floor plate. But, after doing that, you break your own convention and have a wind tunnel that looks exactly like a spike shooter. The only saving grace on this one is that the other shooters operated whenever you were in the hallway, and this one didn't, so the player could guess that there was something special. But still, it's a little weird.

Finally, the lift has two problems with it: 1. it doesn't go down immediately, so players might leave the room thinking the button did something eslewhere. 2. If you wake guys up below you, they can get under the lift, which prevents the lift from ever getting to the bottom.

But, overall a fun map with good designs. 
Pros And Cons 
I liked the first area, nice. Liked the dark and red trim around the lights. The lift down was bad. I guess it's possible to get down the first time, run out and fight from down there (no health on hard, although I didn't find both secrets), although fighting in the small, pointy stuck bits room at the bottom of the lift doesn't seem possible. But, the lift went down the first time without me, I got sighted, and it was at least 15 minutes of elevator crushing, infighting and partial lift descents to get in some shots, etc. until I finally got down there with the area clear. Quicksaved with 5 health, deciding I'd either finish with that or quit. I can do that stuff, it's part of Quake, but over half the time playing spent getting down one lift enters the territory of irritating. I guess I could have restarted on Easy and whipped through ;) . 
The Lift... can pop out the back of it through the obvious large gap in the girders. 
yes, that's what i had to do. 
Sorry To Be Late 
The castle of pain will be my future sp map
I will change the changelevel ==> heresp3
compiled in a fast vis cause it stop at 93 %
(when it stay 3 hours I turned it off.
For the shambler, I probably delete him , I discover the problem of the secret (on the tower) after uploading my map . I will add a button at the central platform , thanks for all advices . Just a question did I had a room under the first place ? In order to start in good condition ? 
it was a beta all along!! 
we are teh fools. 
sneaky bastard! 
Sorry for yelling but switch editors now. Qoole has a slick interface and some great features and is easy to learn but it cannot do the math properly at all and you will suffer way too much as you try and build your map. You will have brush seams and misalignments despite perfect edges in the editor and you'll have micro-leaks that are impossible to find. Qoole's floating point operations condemn you to an editing life of constant battle with this broken tool which really takes away from the creative focus of level design itself. As a registered user of Qoole, I finished Scragbait's Estate using it but it would not VIS. I switched to Worldcraft - an Editor I found awkward at first - rebuilding the entire map (2100 brushes - 800 Ents) and it worked fine. For your own sanity - switch editors now. I speak as someone who has spent a lot of hours using Qoole (WinQoole V2.5 - the latest as far as I remember.) 
Start Realeasing This Week End 
ok aguire, if you have time you will be able to be compiled the map I will spin you the map, because I compile it on one 1 Ghz with only 384 Mo of RAM, you am sympathetic. Shambler you are a large break-in testicle! And I will update veryuglycat! Good if not I will reduce waiting of the button to 0 and I go clear up so that it is pushed and I will place one in bottom of them. As regards qoole I will give up because it is true a shit. I must download worldcraft 1.6. I prefer map on gtkradiant and to charge it on another software (before it was qoole). I will pass to worldcraft in any event I have it! Ok i try all to note and to leave you a clean trick ! :) 
actually it's not ugly (quite pretty in places) but i just wanted to say veryuglymap ;( 
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