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Speedmapping Pack 55
This week's speedmapping session took place today, with five participants. The theme was "base," and the result was five single-player Quake maps. The quality level was relatively good. Mappers this week were: Asaki, czg, metlslime, scampie, and Starbuck.


Note: this was the first week of our planned "four seasons of Quake" where each of the four sessions uses one of the original Quake themes as its inspiration. Next week's theme will be "medieval," with maps inspired by Quake's second episode.
Asaki's was cool but way too short and uneventful for 100 minutes allocated, not even mentioning the additional 180++ minutes the pack actually took...

czg's was kinda meh, but I guess that's what one can expect from teabaggers like him.

metlslime's was neat, and had nice gamplay, and although it was short, it had the best visuals of the pack.

scampie's was really fun, and actually provided a challenge. Visuals were neat-o too!

Starbuck really has an issue with scale... I mean really
Good Pack. 
Asaki spent WAAAAY too long making a slowly paced and rather simple map. :\

Czg's map is a better, larger, more complex version of mine. And has instant baddies at the end. Just add water.

metlslime's was fuckin' awesome, only issue I had was that stupid moving platform was too fast imo.

Starbuck's started with a cool idea, and ended with his usual HUGENESS. At least the man's consistant.

My own map was just an ok looking box with tons of monsters thrown into each end of it. Czg's was better. (you need to collect the large box of shells to progress too... kind of a stupid idea in retrospect) 
I hope that next few week's quality is this high. It'll be good to be able to put together 1 or 2 maps from each week of this megatheme into a big pack afterwards for big general release. 
I agree, these were some tasty little bitesize maps. Regards a final pack, composed of the best from each epitheme: presumably there will be a start map? 
yeah, I'll definatly do one for the final pack, In the style of the original start map too. I'll clearly mark author names as well (and gametype if someone makes an excellant DM map for the week and we include it).

I'll also try and convince the mapper's whose maps we choose for the larger pack to make 'special editions' so it's a better pack for general release.

I want to say that for this week, czg and metlslime's are it, but we'll see after they're all done so that if they map more and make cooler maps the final pack isn't dominated by one or two mappers. 
Great Maps Guys 
I really enjoyed playing this one. 
Why Not Have A Startmap Session One Week? 
After all the others, start maps might actually work better for 100min mapping than real maps.

uhm I'll go look at the maps now... 
asaki: bit dark
czg: too easy!
metl: got stuck behind a crate :(
scampie: too short wanted more after tele
starbuck: easy... except first time when I exploded without knowing why (found out later that someone must have hit the comp when I was near), shambler was walking inside teletexbrush but end level trigger went off before I could reach it. 
You all stuck to the theme, I'm impressed*

(* a little bit anyway) 
Cool, Maps! 
yeah... couldn't participate - building this computer. :P

anyway, very nice maps this time! i really like czg, metl and scampie's maps. love the hoard combat! :D
metl's looked the best visually, but really needed to be clipped -- the angled walls were bothersome
scampie's map was very challenging but was the most boring (of the three i liked) visually.
czg's was a mix between the two.

asaki's map didn't really appeal to me... slow gameplay... lots of detail though, even though it was basically the same room cnped around.
starbuck's map was cool as well, but the gameplay wasn't really me. also, what the heck happened at the end? did you switch to 32x32 or 64x64 grid without noticing?! :P

cool maps, guys. thanks! 
Fun Pack! 
Reasonable hoard gameplay, although I had some difficulty with the outside area in czg's map ...

Looking forward to the next in this episode series. 
Can I Send Mine... 
sometime during the week for inclusion in the next pack?

I spent about 40 mins on it on friday night but got too tired to continue.. been out all weekend. 
Yeah Sure. 
Just email it to me whenever, . Call it sm56_xen even if it's in sm55's theme please, just to keep life simple. If you make a sm56 map, call it sm56_xen2. 
all maps ruled in design, but gameplay sucked more than jesus christ. its too boring to kill 100 monsters in one room.

anyway. i loved all maps!! hehe. i wish i could do great designs in sush a short time. 
i cant beleive i missed this

stupid job 
show how hardcore and edgy you are and make an idbase map for the episode 3 speedmap.

is it this weekend? sat or sun? i will be home on my normal computer so mayhaps i shall try and get on the hotdog 
Sm57 Runic Is Next Saturday 
sm56 medieval is this saturday 
You Can Do One Early Too... 
already got 1 sm56 map for this week early, and rpg is working on this week and next weeks today 
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