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Monster Artwork
I was just thinking about how underworldfan's site has those drawings (by Ogro?) of Quake monsters. I've drawn game monsters on occasion as well. What if we had an event where you draw a monster then scan it, and we post them all somewhere?

One rule should be, you shouldn't have to explain what monster it's supposed to be, heh.
Time frame, 2-3 weeks maybe?
Stupid idea?
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The Silent 
email it too me
will upload it as soon as I
get it. 
There U Go... Jimbo! 
You got mail... thanks! 
The Silent's Monster Artwork 
Parts of that are a little unintelligible, but it's still pretty cool. 
Here's some stuff, a couple monsters - shambler included:

WARNING! It sucks. 
the art of an insatiable perfectionist

The page title of a poncy twat. 
Kiss my ass 
Resure... Just One Picture 
the quake circus, the first comes mighty shambler 
No Idea What It Is.. 
Looks Quite Good 
imagine it could look quite dumbass in game if it was coming towards you though 
Yeah perhaps
Here I colored it 
Very Nice Phait 
reminds me of those chicken things that would chase you like a bastard in that Unreal mission pack. 
Gonna do some more later, I've been thinking of doing some animals fused with humans since I'm tired of the whole cyborg crap. 
Not Really A Monster But.. 
perhaps a monster ass kicker. Actually it's an undercover cop that semi-intentionally resembles myself... I was inspired by Max Payne on this one 
Shamblers Are Fun 
This is not actually an artwork. It's simply 3 screenshots, that I made a couple of years ago, combined into an animated gif. I just wanted to make screenshots of shambler fighting with vore. But when I saw the result, I laughted a lot.

Now you may call it "How shambler spends his free time" or "Shambler's sexual fantasies" =) 
Get Off That Train, Shambler!!! 
just happened to me when I was going home... 
holy fuckasaurus. 
what the fuck did i just watch? 
Looks Like 
It is trying to bight of Shambler's wang and that really makes Shambie upset. 
hmm, sounds like the name of a monster 

is the best film i have evwr watched in my entire life. 
So You Still Haven't Seen The GodFather 
A horse's head in a guy's bed. Come on! 
The Rangers 
was the ONE for me, but as far I can't get Little Movie Centre work, the func_shambler must continue its drive... 
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