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The upcoming game from id Software.

RAGE Behind the Scenes
Warning, these seem to contain quite a lot of spoilers. :-(
Pt. 1: The Legacy of id
Pt. 2: The Dawn
Pt. 3: The Arsenal
Pt. 4: The Wasteland
Pt. 5: The Enemy
Pt. 6: The Sound and Art

Gameplay Trailers
Gearhead Vault Gameplay Trailer
Official Trailer - Uprising
The Well Official Gameplay Trailer
The Shrouded Official Gameplay Trailer
Gameplay Trailer - Dead City
GameSpot Stage Shows - Rage (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) - Pre E3 2011 Interview
Untethered Trailer

There are more videos from Quakecons and on random gaming sites but I could not be arsed to hunt them down.

Other stuff
Gigantic screenshots at
Normal ones at

Collection of previews at the annoying bethblog (i was born in 1861!)

I wish I wasn't such a DRM-opposer and would throw away money for the latest greatest hardware. What about you?
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Ooooh Yeah. 
Delivery estimate: 7 Oct 2011
DVD-ROM; �25.70
Available for pre-order 
But You're Supposed To Preorder The Anarchy Edition 
Same price, more stuff. 
I was, but it disappeared off Amazon UK. Will recheck... 
Still not available. Errr the only thing I'd miss is the double shotty, not fussed. 
I Dont Get It 
Game 'DLC' or 'extras' or 'add-ons' which equate to adding a few extra guns to a game. Especially when it is at launch!

Just release the bloody game in it's entirety. Stop trying to milk everyone for so much coinage. And help irredicate l33ti$t scum, with their 'special' gaming. Bleh. 
Not To Say I'm Not Going To Order The 
Anarchy edition from steam, and commence downloading, when I get home. 
Like I said. I was foolish enough to cancel my A.E preorder. Maybe they received so many requests that they're out of stock for now or something.

Yeah, the whole micro-DLC thing is pretty silly. 
ricky, micro-transactions man. they are the future! :P 
Exclusive Preorder Content 
breaks games. I've lost count of the times I've seen or heard people complain that the Deus Ex Preorder content horribly unbalanced the game because they started with a super powerful weapon and enough extra credits to buy two major augmentations.

So I think I'll save some pennies and play the game the way it was balanced to play. 
this looks amazing. but given my pc chokes on doom 3 at the moment it isn't going to get played any time soon 
A.E. is available again on 
Reviews Are In 
that review sounds quite butthurt about rage being a different game than what he expected. also keep in mind that the reviews so far are from consoles, obviously a bad platform for fps (unless you like that modern fps cancer that apparently even rage got a bit...). I'll wait for pc reviews, since that's how proper fps are played. I know that id said they focused on consoles but how could you play properly if you cannot even strafe and aim well at the same time (or can you, on a controller)... 
What a tard that reviewer is... 1/4 of his review is complaining about having to use quicksave, and in failing to do so being taken back too far when he dies. No mention of the graphics and art, the gameplay. Just moaning about there not being enough story and RPG. Fuck. 
IGN's is a bit more accurate (not that i've played it)... 8.5/10. They gave graphics a 10/10 yaya! I don't really care if it has no story anyway. 
meh, couldn't stop myself from reading more. is nice. 
Steam is taking forever to decrypt the damn files, I know there's 21gb of crap, and my hd is kinda slow, but come on.. 
Some of them go so far as to force you to drive to a location, hit a button, and then drive back to tell someone you hit a button.

That sounds like inept design of the highest order. Its criminal how this level of tard still happens in most modern games.

We've upgraded the tech, but nobody has the clout or sense of direction to say 'this isn't fun'. 
The save system was just a small part of the negativity he showered on the game.

Which is valid - autosaving was 'invented' in HL1 which came out in 1998.

The most telling thing he says is "unsatisfying gunfights". For a shooter, that's pretty dire.

He also states he's played the game for 9+ hours, which means it can't be that crap, but also inclines me to trust his opinion - many reviewers spent at most an hour playing before they trash something. 
I wonder if I will enjoy it more than Duke3D. Meh - Skyrim? That'll be awesome, surely. 
Well if you have been reading the steam forums, I am one of those guys who is having a lot of problems with Rage. First it crashed to desktop, which the ATI Rage hotfix drivers solved, but then the very pathetic graphics options of: Resolution, Windowed/Fullscreen, Anti Aliasing, and Brightness. That's it. There is tons of things popping in when you look left/right, artifacts, screen tearing, and generally it doesn't look nearly as good as I thought it would. Probably something I could fix if I had the proper graphics options available to me.

I am thinking of holding off on playing this for a while at least until someone solves it or id fixes it, because right now on my system it's pretty crap. 
ijed, are you saying games with such objectives are not fun? Most games boil down to mechanics like that. The wrapping might be different. 
So Far 
I'm in between classes right now, so I decided to see if I could get rage to decrypt all of the way; I press 'play' in steam, the decrypting window pops up at 32% where it left off and it's done in 5 minutes :p. On my thinkpad, on about 75% battery I was getting about 35fps in the very beginning of the game (I saved and quit once I got my gun from hagar). The opening dialog with him was somewhat awkward, I'll have to wait until I get home to play some more. 
But those kind of clunky mechanics were pioneered in Breath of Fire and the like, its stupid that it hasn't been improved.

Although I haven't played Fallout, I did play the Witcher, which was supposedly a modern RPG with all the awesome modernness.

It has the same crap going on - 'I can't talk to you yet because you didn't talk to another guy'.

Not a lot to do with Rage, which is why I highlighted on the 'weak shooting'.

And it seems it's having lots of technical problems as well?

Is it fun Zwif? 
What gives you hope the current id software has learnt to make good games ? Rage seems to be a stinker, at least when set against what id should be able to achieve.
Great tech, shit game, Doom3 again...

Looks like cashgrab theme and design, consolisation etc.
Maybe to fund a decent Doom4 on the new engine, that would be the day...yeah, hope, we always got that eh.

When are you #tf chaps founding an indie company and bringing us a truly awesome old school new tech FPS ? 
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