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Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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Personally, LCD still feels laggy to me. Go plasma if you can afford it, but I'll be sticking with crt for a while still. 
Speedmapping Session 50! 
our next speedmapping session will take place soon! It's the big 50th event, so hopefully we can get a good turnout.... if you haven't speedmapped before this is a great time to try it out!

The time
8pm GMT on Saturday, 20th September
that corresponds to 9pm UK time, or 4pm EST
This is earlier than usual so it isnt too late for the majority of people

The place
on IRC, in #speedq1 on

The plan
Make a map in 150 minutes or less.
That's a longer time-limit than usual so we can get some less crappy maps this time :)
Also it's easier for first time mappers.

The suggested theme is to make a map containing water in some way. How the map uses water is up to you.

You don't have to follow the theme but it's more fun when you do :). You can make a map for singleplayer, deathmatch, or miscellaneous. I hope to see you there, it'll be fun!

Oh and I'll release the pack on sunday, in case of people missing the deadline due to being busy at the time of the session, etc. So if you want to make a map before or after the session, just email it to me at 
I bought a G4 15" widescreen Powerbook couple days ago... mmmm.

Too bad the game selection for Macs is $$$ and not nearly as broad, but that's not what I got the PB for anyway.. though Links Championship Edition runs just fine. 
in-sufficient response time LCD panels are great for games. its free motion-blur effect 
596 posts since I last checked in here. 
you meant *sufficient* response time LCD panels are great for games right? Is 16ms sufficient? not sure if I understand it correctly but from what I read even the newest panels with a 16ms response rate will cap your frame rate at 62.5 FPS which is pretty limiting. 
i read it as sarcasm, many hardcore gamers commonly dont use lcd screens because of this delay 
Shambles Rambles... 
...about some game demos. 2 of which you won't have heard of, 1 of which you will. More rambling sometime following... 
I have Maya (the version which comes from ut2003 disk) is it possible to make Q3a maps or maps for games using this? 
where am I able to obtain some 3D Studio Max 5 video tutorials, I think I've had the link before hmmmmm 
Speedmapping Very Soon 
at 8pm GMT/9pm Uk Time/4pm EST
in #speedq1
be there! 
Maya, Vid Tutorials 
No, I don't think you can use the MayaPLE that comes with UT2003 for any games other than UT2003.

Vid Tutorials, you'll find heaps of good stuff there, just look around 
Random Comment 

a) is great.
b) looks like a geomcomp entry. 
yeah, it's pretty good. it's one of those games that when you play it, you can't help but feel it could have been one hell of a game with some minor changes. as it is, it's a decent shooter with alot of untapped potential. here's hoping for a bigger budget on pn04. 
I thought it was:

a) looks great
b) plays blah

but I haven't played it so whatever 
Tried Pn03 Briefly 
...on a GC demo stand at a store. I only played for only about a minute though, and the second robot I met killed me (I didn't bother to look a the instruction splash screen so I didn't know how to crouch). Still I'd like to try a lot of it though, because it looked absolutely gorgeous.
And there was a rolling demo playing of it too, and holy crap does that combat look sexy! I know it's nothing fancy how the player performs those moves (Street Fighter-esque down, downright, right, A etc etc), but damn it looks sexcellent when the girl flips arund, does cartwheels, piruettes and other werido things while firing barrages of laser death towards evil white mechas...
Might be another reason for me to ge a GC. 
You can use .ase models in q3 maps (need later q3map2 ofcourse).
You can use some converter (like Deep Exploration) to convert to ASE from other 3d editors propitiatory formats. 
Thought Du Jour... 
Id maps that *didn't* feature signficant amounts of water to wade through

The Correlation Between Them Being: 
Shambler has way too much free time now that he doesn't review maps. 
Sm50 Up 
my cat is asleep 
Doom3 In Decent Screenshot Shocker 
excuse the shit out of me, but...isn't that basically Coriolis Storm in that screenshot? I mean, I know there are some basic elements of sci-fi design and all, but that goes beyond 'passing resemblance' for me.
Not to mention the JC ripoff a second time.
I cannot think of a suitable smiley to express my state of mind, so I'll have to make do with this string of semi-random symbols -
design like that (albeit in different textures and themes) has been around at least since the q2 days. However, given the particular theme and textures in that screenie, I can see where you're coming from. 
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