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I Disagree With That So Much. 
I actually love Quake 3 a hell of a lot. It's one of the most perfect multiplayer shooters of all time, great balance and gameplay. Graphics are still lovely too. 
I Would Love It Too... 
...if it didn't have a horrible floaty feel, appallingly broken damage feedback, indistinct player skins, juvenile bouncing items and arcadey aesthetics, no pretence at single player at all, and in general had rubbish feeling MP gameplay compared to Q1, Q2, and UT all of which I was enjoying at the time.

The engine was quite nice though. 
Then Again... 
...I guess this shows something. I'm not judging it because it is a failed pseudo-sequel to Q1 or Q2. I'm not judging it because it uses the Quake name. I'm not judging it because of it's relation to an established franchise.

I'm judging it purely on it's own merits. Or rather I would, if it had any.

FWIW even HL2 deathmatch with it's sluggish movement and weapon changing, felt far more fun gameplay. 
Well that argument has convinced me to see the error of my ways! - said no-one on the internet ever. ;)

Yeah I loved it and I still play Quake Live today. I enjoy the arcadey-ness of the game, and I don't even care that the singleplayer is just bot matches :P 
Not Much Of A Q3A Fan 
I'm not sure what it has to offer in terms of better multiplayer game play than Quake 1. 
lol bler, you must have mixed up UT and Q3A in your memories. 
Oh Yeah! 
Not Quite 16 Bit... 
but Dave Rapoza is awesome, I would actually love to see a dark souls metroidvania in that style (symphony of the night is one of my alltime fave games). I love his Skull and Shark stuff. 
Dungeon Keeper 2 
Nobody bit the bait? I downloaded DK mobile the other day after reading all the INTERNET CONTROVERSY and found it the perfection of the free to play format.

I'm really glad they released it since now the backlash should mean that free to play gets seriously hurt. It's just a shame Dungeon Keeper was the sacrificial goat needed.

All the big reviewers (ie. the ones who stand to lose by giving it a bad review) rate it 10. Every single user review on Metacritic gives it 0.

It prompted me to go to GOG and buy both original games.

No, but I did once mix up your mum's face and a goat's arse. Really wish I'd looked closer and stuck my wang in the goat instead.

Kinn, can we presume that you are celebrating the death of a bad thing? 
"appallingly broken damage feedback"

Never Heard Of DK Mobile 
but "Free To Play" (aka "Pay To Win") is the most abhorrent fucking thing to ever happen to the games industry. Games design is no longer about giving the player an honest fun game in return for a fixed sum, it's about manipulating the player and extorting small amounts of money over and over again, for as long as they can.

Actual gamers hate it like dick cancer, but the millions of casuals who never play proper games and just want to tit around with their phones fall for it like lemmings, and make these companies billions. 
Kinn, can we presume that you are celebrating the death of a bad thing?

Wait, what was that in reference to? 
Free Free Free 
Anyone who thinks they can download something for free and get good quality content for their phone is an idiot! Everything comes with a price, F2P design, a sea of adverts or Social media hooks.

It funny really, we all make extra content for a 15+ year old game and that's free right! what crazy fools we are ... :P 
Yeah, as someone who knows better you shouldn't simplify it like that. Some people create out of joy and share for free...

Some of my favourite more or less genuinely free Android games: 
Yay Long Links On Func! 
It goes without saying that I'm not pissing on "free games" in general, I'm pissing on the skeevy, soulless, transaction-machine bullshit mentality that leads to games like Clash of Clans and its ilk being things that exist. 
Removing that shite "high res" texture on the columns would be an improvement. 
Kinn (&sock): of course, I feel the same. but people like to forget proper free culture or at least not advertise it. It's even worse with music where people think recordings have to be commercial. 
Not All F2P Games Are Shit... 
clearly there are good ones... but 95% of them are really genuinely garbage. 
@Spirit, yes there free games that exist, but the quality is often low (basic graphics) and the presentation is minimal. Yes there is certainly awesome people around who create free content, BUT they are getting real rare nowadays.

@FifthElephant, What F2P games are good? I can't understand how anyone thinks this, they are all designed to make you spend endless amounts of money, how is that good? 
never noticed how much dwarf fortress is similar to dungeon keeper (never played dungeon keeper) 
Hawken is fun, Hearthstone is fun, Team Fortress2, spelunky was a free game right at one point?!

When talking about mobile, I've killed a bit of time here and there playing games like gravity guy and various other endless runner games on the bus to work.

Perhaps these aren't your typical free to plays, I never felt compelled to drop cash on any "f2p" games, even the good ones. 
...And You Want To Know What's Best About TF2? 
hats. loads of hats. 
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