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Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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The secret button, that is. 
poor swine 
GDC 2014 
Anyone going to gdc this year?

Would be awesome to meet some of you in person at last and shoot the shit, play games and party :)

I'll be in SF from the 15th to 25th, so if you want to meet up, let me know here or by email (andyp . 123 @ gmail . com) 
Arghhh... I Missed That. 
I am not really a game developer, nevertheless it could have been really interesting for me to attend.. If only my trip to San Diego have benn closer in time (I'll be in San Diego by 24th to 228th of March)... I could have spent some time going there... just for fun ;) 
Scientist Jokes... 
Hey guys, I have to render 4500 frames of ugly animation for a university project. If I would render only on my own machine, it would take 16 days. So while this is not a VIS job for a new Quake map, I am hoping for some people who would let their machines run overnight for some days for me.

It uses Blender so you would not have to install anything. You would have to download ~230MB of data from me. Blender is just about 100MB and you just unpack it, no installation needed!

Hardware needed:
- Either a fast CPU (i5 or better) or a

- nvidia card with CUDA level 2 or higher and more than 1GB of GPU RAM, here is a list:
A 560 works well (if you have the 2GB edition)

~4GB RAM I think

Some decent upstream bandwidth would be nice because you would need to upload ~5MB per frame back to me.

Detailed instructions, some small setup steps and more either in IRC or via mail.

Pretty please! 
The More The Merrier 
make me happy 
UE4 For 19$/m + 5% 
a Quake remake on Epic's technology would be the ultimate closure on the engine wars that started way back with Doom. Sweeney may not be a rocket scientist like Carmack but it looks like he's won this one, whether any such symbolic coup appears or not. 
My Quake Directory 
is 3 gig. This is crazy to think the normal install is only about 50mb or something. I'm pretty sure my first hard drive was 250mb! 
5.5 Here 
oh, 1.5 gigs was demos which are now deleted. 
Spirit this wasn't me bragging, I was just musing over how a 50mb game is taking so much space these days. Although I am curious as to how much data is on quaddicted 
Not Really Well Organised 
63M ./filebase/repacked
357M ./filebase/trash
2.9G ./filebase
119M ./files/advertisements
3.9G ./files/movies
5.7G ./files/engines
939M ./files/models
349M ./files/mods
280M ./files/misc
999G ./files/shamblersmom
1008M ./files/music
1.5G ./files/maps
689M ./files/commercial
20M ./files/demos
4.7G ./files/idgames2
1.2G ./files/temp
417M ./files/wads
856M ./files/tools
22G ./files
198M ./reviews/screenshots
68G ./webarchive 
Facebook Buys Occulus Rift 
it's either a great thing for Oculus Rift because they will have a huge network to back them up and great for Facebook will have an actual product to sell in what is potentially the next big market...

or it's absolutely awful news where Facebook shovels shit into it and destroys everything great about the Oculus Rift.

it will likely be a mix of the two. let's hope for more of the former than the latter. 
Backlash Already Started Maybe? 
Lollin at the fact Teh Carmack now works for facebook. Dunno why, just seems wrong. 
first spam I've seen in a while... maybe the first spam since google's Penguin update? 
It's The Metaverse Baby 
Didn't see that coming... 
3 posts not shown on this page because they were spam
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