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Speedmapping Thread!
From now on, this thread will be the place to discuss speedmapping issues. This will also be where all speedmapping events will be annouced. This is just an effort to keep General Abuse on it's topic of 'anything' rather than being about speedmapping every weekend.
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As An Old Time Speed Mapper 
I'm into celebrating sm100 by doing a map but it'll be a nothemed regular speedmap regardless of what you come up with! 
I've been hoping a turtle map session would be coming up for sometime now. Count me in Zwiffle for that second event. 
I'll definatelly map for sm100. I'll make the usual speedmap for sure and maybe I'll map for chainmap. 
Me No IRC... 
but I am willing to give events one and three a shot -- I already map at the speed of a turtle :)

If anyone needs to coordinate chain map pieces with me, my email is posted.

P.S. I vote knave for .wad! 
I Vote Vondur For World Domination! 
don't, he'll illegalize speedmapping as his first action.
(yeah i know the ref) 
i'd like to participate in the turtle map thing (or at least try to). knave.wad, of course.
i hope i can free up some time. 
SM100, Turtle And Chainmap 
OK, so the Turtle Map is officially underway. I will accept submissions no later than 12:00 am (midnight)Central Time NEXT Saturday for the Turtle map.

The SM100_pack will be up late, generic needs to finish his and can't get it to me today, so it will be posted tomorrow.

Finally, I have uploaded the .wad for the chainmap event tomorrow. Use only this .wad if you're participating, and try to get me your piece by tomorrow, no later than 12:00 am (midnight) my time.

Oh Yeah 
The .wad is in quake 1 .wad format, so if you use Hammer or anything you'll need to convert it over. 
what a small wad! Only 32 items 
You've got mail... 
ChainMaps Are In 
All 6 pieces (Ok, really more like 4, Generic made 3 maps) are collected. The authors are bambuz, Generic, voodoochopstiks, and me. All maps have been renamed so you know which author did what. 
looks like a tough job to connect those with any consistency... also the detail levels vary a lot!
I might give a stab at it later today. 
Well I haven't gotten any turtlemaps yet. I know there were 3 in production other than mine, so I'll just remind people that I need them in by this weekend. My own is close to finished, I just need to tidy up some details and polish the gameplay. It should be done by tomorrow. If you want, include a .txt file and I'll add it in the pack. 
Our Turtlemap 
voodoochopsticks and I are collaborating on a turtle map but my computer hd is having some problems so I can't continue work (some error thing with temp file writing and delayed write cache), since i can't save my editings 9/10 times... ARGH. Even web browsing stutters.

But mr chopsticks is bravely carrying this task to it's conclusion alone with my supporting spirit in irc. :/ He'll hopefully be ready by sunday.

The map is quite big - it turned out a bit out of scale since I'm not a very experienced mapper and there was no time to resize back.

fucking computers. shit. hell. etc. 
Our Turtlemap... 
Will be ugly, but it will be there. We started rather late, thursday evening. 
I've gotten 2 maps so far for the turtlemap portion of SM100, mine and bambuz/voodoo's. Headthump will try to turn his in next week with SM101, and ... well I dunno about gibbie's. But there's still technically 2 more hours before the deadline, so I'll wait until tomorrow to upload the pack. 
Argh! Not Enough Time... 
my turtle map is being compiled at the moment. i don't know how long it will take, but i'll send it in right after it's finished. item placement took longer than expected, so i hope it's not too late, because it would be a pity if this map wasn't included in the pack.
i think it turned out pretty nice, though it also has some flaws which can't be solved within the deadline, for instance the lack of skill settings and the free edicts thing. :( 
SM101 - The Basics 
I had to.
Saturday, the 30th of July, 3:00 pm Central. Mail submissions to 
Some of you may have noticed there was no Speedmap this week. That's because I was sort of "invited" to host speedmapping for QExpo, which I would not have done otherwise. So I'm currently setting up the booth and there'll probably be 2 events I think, maybe 1 or 3, or possibly 100. I dunno. But I didn't forget about it really. Anyway, some more info soon-ish, dag nabbit. 
you mean you'll release our 2 maps for sm101 during QExpo? I didn't quite catch the drift of that. 
Why not. 
Ok, Fine 
is there going to be a session tomorrow by the way? 
There won't be, but there will be a couple events once QExpo starts. BTW, the theme for QExpo is "movies" or something, any ideas about what theme you'd like the speedmaps to be? 
I Thought The Theme Was "trailers"... 
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