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Speedmapping Thread!
From now on, this thread will be the place to discuss speedmapping issues. This will also be where all speedmapping events will be annouced. This is just an effort to keep General Abuse on it's topic of 'anything' rather than being about speedmapping every weekend.
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Update On Sm202 
RL is rather weighting on me heavily right now, so I can't really get it out the door today. I'm aiming for Wednesday night. 
SM203: 99 Brushes Or Less 
SM203: 99 Brushes or Less

Theme: Open
Progs: Copper --
...however, vanilla entries are quite welcome too!
Textures: Also open --
Deadline: 11:59 PM EST, October 28th (See countdown)
Rules: It's fair game as long as the brushes in your map are in the double digits! Please include your map file, for verification.
Submission: PM the map directly to me on Discord @Greenwood or email: padregreenwood AT gmail DOT com

Good luck! 
Anything Fine 
including unlimited entity brushes like in the last 100 brushes pack? I think we are better if at most putting a limit of another 99 entity brushes or there would be no point to the 99 world brushes limit. 
A Brush Is A Brush 
It's 99 brushes, period. This includes entity brushes, like doors. Adding Copper is already a nicety, because it bypasses the need to build monster closets those brushes can be used for worldspawn and trigger brushes!

I think folks can make awesome maps, despite the established constraint. CZG's Biotoxin has only about 99 brushes and it looks good and is a lot of fun! Plus, everybody else from that second 100 brush contest didn't have Copper to use. 
Just saying, but Biotoxin has only 99 brushes because it relies heavily on hacking, reason 4th 100 brushes pack freed entity brushes from the count so it would not be a hacking competition but created the aforementioned problem.

Have one half done already for 99 total brushes. Now for the finishing touches. 
Well, So Far... 
Well, so far from the maps that I have received, I haven't seen any hacking ...and being a relatively new mapper, I haven't gotten clever enough to hack anything myself.

However, I do appreciate what you are saying, Cocerello. If I run another event similar to this one, I will definitely take that into consideration. Look forward to seeing your entry! 
Count Me Out 
SM204: 20 Years Of Quake III Arena 
Celebrate this classic game's anniversary by creating a vanilla single player map using Quake 3 textures and its gothic / tech ambiance. Feel free to remix a Quake 3 level or create an entirely new vision. Please add deathmatch and coop spawns too!

DEADLINE Sunday November 24th 11:59pm CET (func_time)
Countdown clock


TEXTURES Quake 3 Arena textures and similar wads with the gothic tech aesthetic. Here's a Quake 3 wad to get you started.

SUBMISSIONS Email me your map or message me on the Quake Mapping Discord here.

INSPIRATION Take a look at Quaddicted for some maps in this style.

Post your questions here or at the speedmapping channel on Quake Mapping.

Good luck and have fun. 
Just To Clarify Above 
These would be Quake 1 SP maps using Quake 3 textures. Sorry for any confusion. 
Bonus Points For Anyone Making Quake 3 Levels Using Quake 1 Textures.. 
BTW Tho. 
I did actually have a vaguely inspiring sketch for a Q3A textured map a while ago... ...but this SM session clashes with the #no-map-november event taking place on Discord, where we take a breather from the relentless production line of mapping, chill for a month, catch up recently releases etc. justsayin'.... 
This Is A Really Good Idea For A Sm 
Will you be mapping for this or only playing? 
Some Progress 
on sm204

WIP screenshot 
Nice Neat Arch. 
Probably Neither Honestly! 
...Actually I keep up with speedmaps better then full releases since I’m fond of the format and they’re quick. 
Due To Wrath's EA Release 
We've decided on a 24 hour extension for SM204. New Countdown clock here: 
Sent Mine To Your E-mail 
dumptruck_ds, but as i haven't played Quake 3 since 2000, i based it on Sauerbraten, with the textures from Quake 3 of course.

It has DM, coop and SP. 
Sent Again 
There was a bug which prevented the player from finishing the map. Even if it is an speedmap is better to have it fixed. 
Thanks Coce 
Update: this pack won't be really until Weds at the earliest. All kinds of stuff going on in RL this week. But it looks like we have seven maps total. 
SM205: The Randomizer Special! 
SM205: The Randomizer Special!

Mapper's block may seem like a joke at first, but it's a real problem! Coming up with ideas is hard sometimes, so that's why I built the ZungrySoft Entertainment Quake Map Idea Generator!

Here's how it works: Go to the link below and run the script by pressing the play button in the top left. You will be given 3-4 requirements that your map must follow. (Make sure to save the result somewhere or take a screenshot.) You may only run the script once, so you have to deal with what you get!

You have about 2 days. Good Luck!

DEADLINE: Friday January 3rd 9pm PST
Countdown clock:

PROGS: id1

TEXTURES: No restrictions

SUBMISSIONS: Email me,, or message me in Discord.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions or are having trouble running the script, feel free to message me! 
I Will Try To Make One ... 
but got a difficult one on the script 
SM206: Prototypes 
We have some newcomers to the scene, so let's give them an opportunity to map!

Complete a map that only uses textures from Khreathor's Prototype 1_2 wad

id1 progs, no custom music.

Send me the results at by Monday 00:01 Central European Time.

Don't crunch on this. The prototype wad should help you all focus on gameplay without worrying so much about visuals (which always take the most time). Just find a few hours over the next couple days to make a map for fun :) 
SM207: Ceremonial Speedmaps 
The undeniable classic. The golden standard of wizard maps. The meat and potatoes of Q1SP. czg's unforgettable Ceremonial Circles is the theme for this speedmap session.
Keep it simple. Green wizard theming, re-use of space and a lot (maybe too many) ogres on perches.

DEADLINE: Monday April 6 00:00 PST


TEXTURES: ID1 and similar texture sets, green wizard.

SUBMISSIONS: Email to frwthr[DOT]design[AT]gmail[DOT]com, or message me on Discord @ fw#1312 
SM208: Caves, Canyons & Crevices 
Deep underground with cracks of light from above. What dwells below the surface? A hidden temple, lava-tubes, forbidden tomb, unspeakable caverns and/or a subterranean lake. Descend into darkness with organic shapes of stone and the unknown!

START: Friday April 17 00:00 PST
DEADLINE: Monday April 20 00:00 PST


TEXTURES: Designer choice. I suggest Makkon.

SUBMISSIONS: Email to choldenjr[AT]gmail[DOT]com, or message me on Discord @ ChrisHolden#3955 
Have you always longed to piss off the player in a really creative way, this is your chance. Pull the floor beneath their feet, make the room shrink, have the lava rise.

The gist of this JAM is all about traps and game-play revolving around ambushes and nifty placed enemies to surprise the player. Think you can do it?

Play with their expectations in a spectacular way.

Since Arcane Dimensions has lots of stuff that can be used in such way it will be required for this run.

START: Friday May 15 00:00 UTC
DEADLINE: Thursday May 28 00:00 UTC

PROGS: Arcane Dimensions 1.71
comes with FGD for TB, JACK and GTK

NAMING: SM209_***author***

TEXTURES: You may do whatever you like, even Prototype.

SUBMISSIONS: Discord Submissions ish#9729 
i make a map for id1, will it work the same on AD or will there be differences, apart from the non-lit items and the weapons? I have never played AD and getting to play one of those huge AD maps now on a hurry is like a chore. 
You Have An Email Address To Submit Maps To As Well? 
Most, if not all, things will work as normal. id1 map hacks are verboten (and not really necessary) though as AD was extensively rewritten under the hood. 
I Remember 
Sock writing that he tried to keep the code as it is so hacks and other things that are considered normal by the community still work, but that's all, and i do not know if he ended up keeping it that way. 
SM210 Overgrown 
SM201 theme is overgrown. Go wild!

Deadline: august, 31 monday, 6pm CET

NAMING: SM210_ author

TEXTURES: go wild!

N a i t e l v e n i#6641 
SM210 Overgrown 
MOD used: Copper 
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