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Speedmapping Thread!
From now on, this thread will be the place to discuss speedmapping issues. This will also be where all speedmapping events will be annouced. This is just an effort to keep General Abuse on it's topic of 'anything' rather than being about speedmapping every weekend.
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This Isn't The First Time... 
...that it's been dead for months. It'll probably come back alive when people get the itch again. Right now everyone's doom3 mapping or something, so they're not interested. 
I Guess 
what metlslime said is true!

But to fill the gab until Speedmapping resurrects, and to those that are in dire need of a little fragfeast I give you this small base speedmap:
Hey 8-( 
Just butchering my way through the last levels of MadFox's big pak and then I'll give this one a whirl! 
Nice Map 
There was even a major shortcut from the SK to the GK but I resisted going that route. Was it intended or a mishap?

Also the shambler took me completely by surprise the first time and mauled me good ... 
Well I Must Say 
that it is a mishap. Theres no time to check/think of everything when speedmapping 8-) 
Loved It 
Hrim. It was especially non-linear, and the monster balance is perfect. I really enjoyed it. 
Good map, u sure this is a speedmap? 
Tnx ! 
Sure it's a speedmap, not a 100 min map but as many other spmaps made in one sitting around 300 min. 
If You Did That 
in 300 minutes, I'd love to learn how you do it. 
I agree... Hrimfaxi is for sure a real good mapper to release a map so polished in 300 mn only... Well, even if his 300 minutes mapping can be potentialy converted into 300 hours mapping, this map is very good indeed !! 
Well I Think 
a lot of mappers can make a map just as good (or better) as this one in the same time!

Personly I think that my speedmap from the sm59_pack is better, more varied, than this one and that was as well made in about 300 min.

300 mins is a lot of time if you have the right idea about how the map shall turn out. 
I Understand 
that much. I guess it's just the efficiency I don't understand. Or the procedure. Is there some kind of plan you go by each time? 
300 mins is a lot of time if you have the right idea about how the map shall turn out

Does it mean that you prepared all the map design "on a paper" before starting anything ?? If it's the case, don't you think this part of the job should be included into the design time ?? To my opinion, you are cheating a little here, no ?? 
Oh No! 
I don't draw anything beforehand.

What I mean is that sometimes you sit down to map and get a strong idea of what you want to do in this session.

With this map I sat down to make something I didn't know what! The idbase idea came to my mind and then a "vision" of the 6 sided room with pipes and the hallway with the bridge in the start the rest came along while mapping.

It is not always so. Not all speedmaps turns out any good. But sometimes you just get the right idea at the right time and then the process of mapping just is a matter of trying to hold that idea. 
Well, I'm really very impressed ... It's still very difficult for me to start a map from scratch (the more if it's a huge map) without having at least a "paper plan" to fix my ideas... I think my lack of mapping experience perhaps explains it..
But there is one thing I agree with you: some additional "stuff and features" come during mapping, and every time these are the best part of the design.... And you cannot define them while drawing on paper the global layout of the design... for sure...
Congrats again for this great job. 
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