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Speedmapping Thread!
From now on, this thread will be the place to discuss speedmapping issues. This will also be where all speedmapping events will be annouced. This is just an effort to keep General Abuse on it's topic of 'anything' rather than being about speedmapping every weekend.
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Hrimfaxi sent me a very, very awesome map for SM88. Very tough, haven't beat it yet. Download the pack just for this map, it's better than his last speedmap IMO.

I have to apologize for my map, I spent a lot of time on this wierd maze-elevator map that I could never get to work right, so I had to make a cheap "tricky" map in 30 minutes.

File is in .rar format, so if you have problems I can re-upload it to .zip format if anyone needs it that way. Have fun! 
was interesting. beatable and somewhat fun for 3 minutes. 
I did send you a map last week, but it got rejected by that email address you gave. I'm not unhappy with that as it happens, because my results were total shit. 
Hrimfaxi = Cool 
Hrimfaxi was fun. Took me 3 times to do it, which is about what I like as a skill level. Nice one. 
Next Event? 
Havnt ever tried speed mapping before but i'll give it a go next time someone runs one 
...indeeed! Whatta fight! Kudos, Hrimfaxi!
Zwif, we're waiting for the maze/elevator thing in one of the next SMs.... 
Hrimfaxi's Map Was Nice 
Cool style. Nicely done.

Very easy tho. Went first go, leaving behind 25 health and 250 nails.

Let me guess you poor fools tried to kill all the pit monsters yourself the first time you were down there... 
Let me guess you poor fools tried to kill all the pit monsters yourself the first time you were down there...

i did that. easy as pie. ;) 
Fun Maps 
although Hrim's is the obvious winner. Tough start but the twin floor room was surprisingly easy due to infighting (always fun to watch).

Minor nitpick: I'd prefer more shells than the abundance of nails. I always try to make do with the trusty DBS before using heavier equipment and here I ran out before the final showdown.

Btw, was the design/theme inspired by fmb100 or something else? 
Well it's only a speedmap but I'm glad anyway that you liked it!

AguirRe: Well The map wasn't inspired of FMB100, at least not on a conscious level, But there are a connection to that map because I used the terrain generator Mike used on FMB100.

I fiddled a lot with the generator last week, and as a matter of fact started another map Tuesday in order to get the speedmap out of the way before Saturday. But after 4 hours I realised that this wouldn't be a speedmap! So I stopped and finished the map the next day after 4 more hours.
I then started a full vis of the map and..... well it's still vising. At the moment it says:

Full: 81.20%, Elapsed: 96h 49 m, Left: 39h 26m, Total:136h 16m, 71%
----- 8-/

Thank you very much for the ability to stop the vis and start it again. I had to stop it Saturday in order to vis the speedmap - that one took around 7 hours.
Oh boy That generator really makes the vis tool work.

About the shells/nails. Well I could say that the theme was tricky so for you the tricky part was to use the nailgun instead of the SSG 8-), but the truth is I just tossed some ammo into the map and that was it! 
I *Did* Wonder 
if that terrain was handmade or otherwise ...

I'm glad the RVis AutoSave feature helps you, please just remember not to interrupt it when the progress bar has been going for a long time. It's then processing a very slow portal and if you cut it off, it'll have to restart that portal.

If you wish, you can also use the -priority 0 option to put the vis process in the background while doing other things (e.g. vising another map). 
Sort Of Handmade! 
Even if it is called a terrain generator it dosn't auto generate a landscape.
You have to rise or lower the parts of the map by hand. So you sort of sculpt the landscape with the curser, and got to have an idea of what you want in the end.

And yes I sat starring at the progress bar awaiting the right moment to stop the process when a portal was finish. 8-) 
I Thought You Were 
supposed to import a grayscale image of the terrain with white being 100% height and black being 0%... 
No Not In This One. 
It's quite like an ordinary map editor.
But instead of manually selecting the different brushes you want to manipulate, you just point and the editor selects the area you can work on.
In the menu you can select different sizes of the work area, tools for smooting and flattening, rise and lowering, making "noise" if the map is to smoote and other tools.
It's actually wery fun and easy to use.
Try it Mike posted the link in the FMB100 thread. 
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