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Speedmapping Thread!
From now on, this thread will be the place to discuss speedmapping issues. This will also be where all speedmapping events will be annouced. This is just an effort to keep General Abuse on it's topic of 'anything' rather than being about speedmapping every weekend.
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Both are good maps but Zwiffle's had better gameplay due to Mike's having severe ammo shortage. After dying ten times in a row trying to axe the final shambler, I gave up and exited. With more shells, this would otherwise have been the better map. Mike's also had some HOMs that was causing flicker while playing.

Otherwise, nice theme and lighting. And like the others say, the 100 minute "rule" is more of a guideline; the main point is to have fun and produce something. 
And Yes 
Hrimfaxi keeps churning out quality maps with really impressive visuals.

/me runs off and loads up map ... 
Have to wait to get home to play this now. *mutter grumble*. Well at least I can post the news with a link to all three speed maps. 
Hrim_91_cappuccino Speedrunning Potential. 
Normal route up air lift, kill/avoid ogres, multiple vore ball jump straight around to top level, down into pit for GK, back up again, GJ off something to reach top again, through tele to open bars, into next area, GJ to button and exit. May need to collect various armourages, possibly YA and Quad before going into pit for uber1337ness. 
Great map! What Shambler said, some mixed up textures (e.g. GK texes on SK door), messages and brush "holes" were the only niggles here.

Stunning use of architecture, texes and lighting to create atmospheric visuals.

Fun gameplay and good use of the pads to advance in the map. The GK pit took some attempts to survive though ...

Nice secrets and use of non-accessible areas to extend sense of place.

Can I have another cup, please? 
Very Nice 
Some minor z-fighting problems and really easy to avoid most of the end area by jumping from the gold key area to the end gate, but overall very very nice. Very. 
I played Cappuccino map yesterday evening, and it's simply incredible!!! Overal layout is impressive, textures are awesome, and gameplay is marvelous. It shown me how much progress I have to do before mapping like this...... You know, you really should open a news thread and post it: just release the map as is... It's an excellent work !! I will look forward to your next release for sure....Thank for this pure time of fun.. 
Oh Boy Am I Overwhelmed! 
I've been at work for twelve hours all through the nigth, and then I log into Func_ to find all these nice replyes to my work!
Thank you very very much!
I had the feeling that some of you would like cappuccino but not that there would be so much praise.

About the key textures, I really don't know how that came about. I remember sitting and aligning the silver key tex so a some point in development it was there. Strange! Well in this map it dosn't matter that much but in a map where you can get to both kind of doors i would cause some confusion.

And yes there are som other small glitches around. This just shows how important it is to have the big proper maps beta testet, the mapper just dont see everything the way an outsider will, you sort of get blind to your own work.

What I feared the most was the light level. I was afraid that some of you would find it to dark, well that don't seem to be the cause so I must have found the right settings.
Allthough after just playing through the map once more I must say that the light in the end area are a bit more bland that the first part.

I also just realized that the lifts should have been jumppads as well. Now here I have been making jumppads for three days and the I suddenly make two lifts - doooh.

Yeah I knew that one can jump from the last GK to the end gate, but left it in for the speedrunners if anyone would try that.
A normal SP player would just cheat himself for some of the gameplay by making the jump.

I think that coveres the most of the issues you brought up.

Once again thank you to all for the responds! 
Yeah Congrats Hrim 
this is definitely one of the best speedmaps ive ever played!

all round quality is the key here... gameplay was good, architecture was really impressive, lighting gave me a semi. looks more like a (good) turtlemap than a speedmap even. 
When I said textures are awesome I would like to say testures are terrific.. I think it's better in a positive way you should understand it... but I'm sure you have already understand.. Good work man.. 
Sure I knew what you meant.
BTW. I don't think I will make cappuccino news.
I guess if Zwiffle makes a news thread of the last few weeks maps it will be there.
If I should decide to make it news I would at least fix some of the issues people has found in the map. 
Theme: Rooftops (oooooooooh)
Where:, #speedq1
When: Saturday, November 27th, 2004 @ 3:00pm Central (that means Wisconsin, you bitches)

I'll scrap up the past few speedmaps and post them as news. And if you make a speedmap but can't make it by the date (either before OR after (which means you, Hrimfaxi)) then email me or let me know that you're making a map so I can release them all at once. Aight? W3rd. 
I can say at once that I haven't got the time to map this week.
Happy? 8-) 
..oh, no, Hrim, this makes us sooo sad! 8-( 
Is It Just Me 
or does cappuccino not "work" on easy skill? The barriers after the first jump pad don't come down for me.

The end is a bit of a bugger on skill 3 :-) 
I don't know! There may be a bug in easy.
The skill levels was a last minute fix, while I was waiting for vis to be done.
I know I testet normal and hard but may not have done so in easy.
I'm about to fix some of the issues players have found in the map, so if easy is broken I'll fix that as well.
If people want it I will release a fixed version. 
I Want 
I Want 
Do it, Hrim. Not much that needs fixing, mostly just the messages and a few other bugs. I reckon it will be worth it. I'd have reviewed this for sure - better than Id quality? Definitely. 
I Want 
I Want 
At the moment a Winter/Norway/1000 brush map has first priority, but I will rteturn to cappuccino asp! 
Where's Rooftops? 
Yeah, I got bored and so didn't finish it. I'll try the Hrim approach and take 3 or 4 days to finish it then post it. K? 
No Speedmapping 
No speedmapping this week. Busy. Stuff. Christmas. Sm40. Maybe next week, or sometime after Finals (around the 16th of December.) Talk to you then. 
I'd Be Up For A Speedmap Around Christmas 
i don't get back till 18th or so though, might be able to send in one early, if i get time between exams. 
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