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Definitive WAD Collection
I had an idea that since alot of the older Quake sites are now shutdown, those of us who have older .wad files should round them up and put them on like a sort of directory for everyone to access.

The thought occurred after someone was looking for a snowy .wad, but I realized that it got somehow deleted. There are also a number of other .wads that I lost but couldn't find by Googling them or other means.

So -- anyone who has a large collection of .wads that can't be found elsewhere, and is willing to upload them somewhere (I have 15MB of webspace, I know it's not much but...) let us know in this thread. Thanks.
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Have the Heretic 2 textures been converted in to a WAD? 
thanks for the reply JPl. i guess once one gets used to the way they look, none will care. hopefully. :-)

but with doom3d i meant that quake1(or q2?) tc some dudes where doing. i think that was the name. i think they had a site in planetquake. dont remember much, but the doom textures look just like the original game! so thats why i asked. :-) 
I Think 
you're talking about YPOD (Your path of destruction)

they managed to get the textures to look identical to doom's by completly replacing the palette with the doom palette.

while this works, it also means that every single art asset must be replaced with one which uses the new palette. 
Chewing Gum 
i thought of the pallete madness, but yeah, having to change everything so textures look good is a pain. and i only want to work with the textures. :-)

see, i have some scraps that i wanted to turn into a small 3map ep doom style madness for quake1. so being picky and stuff, i thought the resources might have been released or something of that project.

but gonna check out YPOD madness then.

oh yes, found this: hehe. 
fixing up the YPOD TC, I found it interesting to convert the 8-bit texes into tga and post-process them a bit. It reduces the otherwise pretty bleak colours. 
the screenshots look cool - i'd really like to check out the actual maps. has anything of that tc been released / is available for download somewhere?

btw. half-life xen textures wad please! ;) 
i thought that was a recent project. agh, so lame... but they got it finished, unlike me who takes a year to do a room! :-(

anyway. might try the 9bit to tga madness, but agh. im so lazy. :-)

and i doubt doom3D got released. the last news post was on 2000 and i think they where going to move to quake2? or from quake2 to quake3? i dont even remember anymore. :-) 
Because There Are So Many Morons 
that think that is the full game, I have now renamed to contains some gibberish. (No tubgirl, sorry ;) ) 
Nedding The Hexen2.wad 
can anyone send the wad file of hexen2?

i'am fucking need that

send to my e mail
it is


Should Be These 
Quake H2 Wad Or Hexen2 H2 Wad 
whata tha fucka? 
i just remembered that i have the heretic2 textures in png or tga, but they are 50mb! if anyone wants to convert these to quake i can upload them. i just need to look for the cd. 
Heretic 2? 
I have all those in wad format. Are they not on the Quaddicted server?

Also, I have added quite a lot of new textures to idbase for my current map, and I think biff has also made a fair few for his map. Might be time to update the idbase_ultimate wad that I think NotoriousRay started :) 
Since This Is Bumped 
I could have sworn I remember someone converted the Shogo textures to a .wad, does anyone have that? 
i checked quaddicted (htic2.wad) and they are in there! i didn't know that :)

but it feels like a lot are missing, maybe its because they looked crappy on the quake palette?

cool to see them there though :) 
i need the wad files.......canu give them?????
reply at

there all there! 
That Part Of Quaddicted Should Be Called 
Five internets dollars that they don't actually return to read Ricky's reply... 
I emailed him with a link to these posts!

Therefore they won't return (+1 Ricky for disposing of the noob), meaning you all owe me 5 internets dollars... 
gb sent me Hexen textures: 
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