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Definitive WAD Collection
I had an idea that since alot of the older Quake sites are now shutdown, those of us who have older .wad files should round them up and put them on like a sort of directory for everyone to access.

The thought occurred after someone was looking for a snowy .wad, but I realized that it got somehow deleted. There are also a number of other .wads that I lost but couldn't find by Googling them or other means.

So -- anyone who has a large collection of .wads that can't be found elsewhere, and is willing to upload them somewhere (I have 15MB of webspace, I know it's not much but...) let us know in this thread. Thanks.
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Ooh Nice 
Love Hexen textures. 
no idea if they are complete. couldn't really find more. :)

Should contain expansion stuff, too. If that actually had extra texes. 
I wish qwadickhead (lame) would keep hlwad versions of all its wads because I can never figure out how to convert mine.

its seriously making me consider moving back to wc1.6. or learning a new editor (lame). 
Which Wads Are You After Now Dru? 
I'll convert 'em for you :) 
Religious Cult Much? 
Some Wads 
Exit02_1, Rawr 
I extracted stuff from the Quake: Arcade Tournament Edition. (followup post coming some day)

Asaki managed to fix an included texture wad. Behold new old original textures straight from id (it seems).

Thanks Jago, I think I took a look when you posted them and added missing ones (if). Not really sure though. :o) 
Thx Spirit! 
Baker made a Quake wad (HL too) from the GPL Nexuiz textures: 
The HL WAD version of it is seriously a Half-Life WAD3 that isn't using the Quake palette. 
Note To The Note 
The reason the HL WAD3 doesn't use the Quake palette is because WAD3 has independent palette per texture.

The cool and bizarre side effect:

You can map using the WAD3 nexuiz.wad in Worldcraft 3.3 and then compile with the nexuiz.wad WAD2 for Quake. Or even just compile with the WAD3 using HL map compile tools and then use a Quake engine with HL map support (DP, Qrack, ezQuake, FTE, FuhQuake, ProQuake, Telejano, etc.). 
I made a WAD from Sock's new medieval textures:

See the readme on how to use it with the original high resolution textures.

I am not sure if they should be resized (to one half?)? 
Yes, By 50% 
fixed, file updated 
My Personal Preference 
would be for two wads, one 50% and the other 100%. Then append a suffix to all the files of one wad, _h or _f (half or full, whichever you choose).

Well, that's what I do with textures I convert to wad myself anyways. I'll do it myself if I'm ever that bothered about it. Sometimes, ridiculously oversized 256*256 brick textures are just the thing for huge cyclopean architecture. 
yes, in fact, playing a bit of q3a after sock's map, i found it odd seeing the sandstone blocks texture at 50% size. i find it looks a lot better at 100% like in most q1sp maps that use it. 
thanks for that wad and explanation. 
Orange Based Wads? 
is there any texture wads that are mostly orange, of if you want to get technical; shades of brownish red?

i've seen a few orange maps around (Orange whip comes to mind instantly) 
Hipnotic and ikbase come to mind if you are looking for base textures. 
But Not Orange Ones 
orange whip (if i'm remembering rightly that it's similarly styled to frib's tangerine dream & mal's agent orange) got its orange textures from stock q2 
Stock Q2 
you seri-ous?

aww maaan

check out clockwork droid by rorshach.

willem has it on his server at quaketastic:

also, like all the rorshach textures are awesome, really. :) (i think vendetta is pretty orange too?) 
Captain Said.., 
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