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Q1 DM From Blitz

Download my first Quake DM map,"Hatful of Hollow" from here:


Also visit my website which has more shots:
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some1 mirror it plz, urls with "SEX" are banned here.
yeah LOL. 

Shows potential though. 
Took me a while to work out that the domain reads 'TMS Exchange' 
Why is everyone using bloody Speedbaze these days??? 
Pretty good, I can't comment on gameplay but it seems the flow would be smooth, lots of places to rocket jump on/across, lots of open arena areas, my only complaint really is that there's on area where there are 2 holes connecting an upper and lower area, I would put some metal trim in around the edges cuz the way it looks w/o it is really ugly. You have 2 textures that connect where the brushes meet and it really takes away from the realism of the rest of the area, and looks just plain bad. Stuff a trim in that hole and watch the fun slide on through! 
Thanks For Commenting! 

You know...someone else told me to do that too but I said I didn't like texturing one side of something and not the whole brush because it looked fake. It's a matter of taste really on that area because I thought it looked fine, but someone had mentioned the trim thing too =) 
what I was thinking was more along the lines of making 4 separate brushes along each side of the hole, so it would like a metal lining. It would make it look more like a constructed hole instead of just texturing the sides of the hole. 
Nice Map 
Not sure how it plays, but the layout looks interesting to me. And I really liked this black-and-white sky 

Well glhf, it is fun to play, if not so much to look at :] 
you didnt post the link to you aweseome little site I made up for you? 
this plays friggin great and as a 1st map I applaud blitz I think he came up with a very solid map in both gameplay and build.

you were also sposed to link this!!! 
Please add this link to the initial post!

That Url Is Jokes. 
Enjoyed It 
My friend and i had a nice little 1on1 session on your map. I did enjoy your level very much. It was a bit big for 1on1 (not your fault obviously) so frags didn't come quick on the level. Looks nice though, continue mapping! 
The brushwork is quite odd. There doesn't seem to be much form, and the general architectural theme seems to be abstract. While I think that could be a very good theme, it doesn't come across particularly well here. I'm not even sure it was intentional. The map seems to be lit in a similar way, which evokes memories of old school maps; however, it doesn't come across as something that's polished. There are other bothersome nags as well, such as steps that are textured entirely in the same texture, so you see a row of half tiles on the edge. Overall, the visuals aren't exactly bad, but they aren't good, either. A better defined architectural theme would be a good place to start.

I only played it in DMSP. I had fun, and the map is a good size for it, but the map isn't designed for this playmode so it isn't fair to judge it in this context.

Even though this isn't exactly the author's first map, it's still a good effort considering his amount of experience. Some more beta testing would have helped the smaller concerns. Watch out for this author's next map. 
Thanks for all the comments those who played my map =) 
More News 
You can now play this map here:

Googles#1 (

Hopefully some of you who haven't played it with live opponents yet will have a reason to check it out now that it's on a proper server! 
quit bumping the thread every week Blitz, go map. 
plays better than it looks! 
Looks better than a perestroika girl. 
Bumping This For No Reason 
Sorry =( 
What a fucking hideous map. It's like the author was a recent escape from the retard farm and slobbered over the mouse to make this shitfest. Lighting is inconsistent and atrocious, the brushwork shows off how horrible the mapper is at building, and the map as a whole doesn't appear as a convincing whole, just a few random bits glued together with Blitz's semen as he furiously masturbated creating this.

But it MUST play better than it looks right? Well smile, it gets worse. There's some interesting battles on the outside areas, but after playing for awhile, you relieze you're only using 2% of the map, the rest is the tiny hallways that are either unlit or too tight to even fit yourself through, nevermind battling in there. Plus, there are 4 teleporters, all set up so you're most likely to be killed by whatever lamer is waiting for you with a nearby LG or RL when you come out the other side. There's also the classic 'RA on a ledge you have to rocket jump to". Guess what? This was fucking stupid when Preacher did it in aerowalk, and it's even worse in your map Blitz.

Those are my complaints after playing it the last six months, thanks for bumping the thread so I could share them Blitz. 
Errrrr Blitz... 
Nice bump man...

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The requested URL /blitz/ was not found on this server.


Apache/1.3.31 Server at Port 80

The same for me... 
Uh Huh, Huh Huh... 
he said "sex change" ...uh huh huh huh... 
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