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Speedmap Pack #73!
Last week of our second Megatheme, A Tribute to Headshot. This week's theme use the textures from his maps Hidden Agenda and Dead Bodies Everywhere.

Only ended up with 3 maps this week by 2 authors, but it's a pretty interesting pack nevertheless. Zwiffle's first offering is a pretty straight forward SP map with lots of lightning action, and his second is out of theme, and good for a quick bash with some Quad Axe battling. Nane made us a Deathmatch map which uses the 'fall' concept with some twists.

Grab the maps here:
If you play sm73_zwiffle2 DO NOT take the right exit (I think it's the right one) because it is supposed to go to sm73_scampie, but there is none, so just don't do it. 
This Pack Wasn't Very Good 
I thought the terrain in q3:TA and games based off that engine looked a bit too smooth too. I think the map was too big though - fairly empty. But it was all right here. ;) Well... The first million years were the worst. And the second episode of doom? In doom2 they were used as a normal monster on some levels. Wrath, Vondur cheers for your info. Metlslime, is it again that some people "hate" shambs? I don�t
buy it. And, are we sure the player will get confused). i dont feel sad anymore! whoa!! hehe. so...valentines day? well, i never cared
about valentines day. i dont think i know doch. i might just know who wrote those messages. hehehe. 
Nane made us a Deathmatch map which uses the 'fall' concept with some twists.

Scumpie you can seem to put the most inappropriately positive spin on anything!! Maybe Valve should employ you to market CS:CZ... 
Well, I Liked 
Zwiffle's 1st map except for the lava trap. The 2nd was at least surprising, I don't think I've axed my way through 12 shamblers before ... 
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