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Totally awesome game, loved every second of it. If you've played any of the single player demos knocking about on the net you'll know what its all about.

Particularly impressive were some of the later maps (styles not seen in any of the demos) and some genius enemy design.

so yeah very cool, go buy it etc. Just make sure you can run it before you hand over your cash, a lot of people are having problems with the cd protection software it uses, sp have a look at the website ( )and check the forums before you head out.
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No editor ships with the game, which sucks :( Maybe they will release an editor or something later.

Also, at some (very rare) points in some maps my computer grinds to a halt as so much crazy physics stuff is happening, this only happened about 4-5 times during the entire game but ouch it was nasty, like sub 10 fps cos so much crazy stuff was happening, other than these times it runs silky smooth.

In-case you want to compare specs:

AthlonXP 3000+
1024mb drr
Ati radeon 9800xt 
there will be no editor. the whole game was made in maya. 
It'd be nice if they released export scripts for those of us that have Maya though.

(Not that I'm gonna get the game, I was decidely unimpressed with it, but you get the point) 
I tried the first demo, (well, as much as I could stomach)but I just didn't find it very interesting/enjoyable. But thats just me. 
How Long... 
did the game take to finish?

Seems like games today have far shorter play through times then in the days of Unreal, Quake 2, Half-Life etc. 
Oh, I've Noticed 
Call it the Max Payne syndrome -- though with Max Payne, the game was so cinematic it still fealt like a complete gaming experience.

It doesn't look like we'll be getting any FPS the size of Ultima IV or DaggerFall, but who knows, maybe Id and Valve will keep to their standard in depth length, and maybe, just maybe, Duke Nuk'em Forever will come out.

The relative failure of Invisible War will, it is hoped, put a fire under the PC game industries toes. A sequal that was approximately one fifth the size of the original. Unbelievable. 
took me 5 and a half hours to complete, but I've since replayed and replayed and replayed and replayed etc cos its so damn fun.

btw, on each level you can unlock a different powerup and then combine up to 5 powerups at once to kick arse, a cool feature :) 2x speed, 2x faster reload, 4x world slowdown is a nice combo to use :D 
It doesn't look like we'll be getting any FPS the size of Ultima IV or DaggerFall, but who knows, maybe Id and Valve will keep to their standard in depth length

hmm, I beleive that John Carmack has said something along the lines of, he likes the idea of packing alot of detail into a smaller/shorter game. I haven't got the quote, and therefore they aren't the exact words.

So I guess we will have to wait and see. I myself would like a longer (yeah that too)experience. 
Unreal 2... 
...on it's brief length alone did not deserve that title. Return to NaPali felt longer. I also heard that Call of Duty is pretty short too.

Deus Ex felt huge and had great depth. I was interested in the sequel but I'll wait until it's cheap.

Anyone here try the second downloadable Painkiller demo? (it has an extra level.) 
The Other Demo 
It has a cool venice styled level but it kept crashing my system so I never got to finish it. If you plan on buying the game anyways I would just wait the couple days. 
Just got home with it today and will return it tomorrow. It will not run as long as I have CloneCD installed. I checked in their forum only to find that due to the security built into the disc/game there are many optical drives and some programs the keep Painkiller from running.

I will happily live without the Painkiller "experience" rather than put up with those kinds of security restrictions.

It is their game and they are entitled to do as they please but... YIKES! 
I like the shorter (but better) games. Although that does of course come with the need for a drop in prices. 
I would agree, as long as the (but better) is in, but I would still prefer longer and better 
Omg Omg 
pk rocks!
i'm in the end of the second chapter fighting swamp monster, it rocks! :)
this game is pure rockage!!!! 
You want a long, and good, game -- try Wind Waker. Jimmeny Christ on a pogo-stick, that game is ultra-filled with content. 
I've only played the demos of Painkiller and I had different experiences in terms of overall enjoyment from each.

To be blunt, I thought the first was shit. The combats were mostly unenjoyable (once the novelty of impaling guys with stakes wore off) and went on for way too long. There was also the problem of lack of weapon choice make everything feel a little samey. It felt much like serious sam but smaller and more polished. I didn't enjoy the repetetiveness of SS, although it worked fairly well in coop - Painkiller does not have coop as far as I am aware. FUCK knows why - surely it is possible on a fast connection such as LAN. The weapons and sound were good though :)

I was fairly impressed with the second demo, which contains the Venice styled level mentioned earlier in this thread. Perhaps it was the addition of the save points or maybe the level was from an earlier point in the game, but whatever it was, it seemed easier than the the first demo. The combats didn't seem to go on and on quite as much as demo 1, and the monsters were a lot more enjoyable to fight. I also found the weapons seemed to mow down the enemies a lot more easily than before - maybe this was in my imagination. The grapple hook style weapon seemed especially powerful and allowed me to breeze through the demo without ever worrying about ammunition.

Overall I was fairly impressed with the game, although I worry about the full game having a lot of boring stuff as in the first demo. I doubt I'll buy it - probably just borrow it.

This Game Owns Me! 
holy shit, jesus crap!

i swear, my second next map is going to be like this!!!!!111one 
Patch Released 
PCF has released the 1st patch for painkiller which should fix any issues with the copy protection, but they still warn to not run any mounted drives / certain apps while installing & playing the game... 
anyone else having problems getting to map c3l2? it keeps crashing as it loads the level...
i'm hoping monday's patch will fix it... 
Best thing about Painkiller so far (1/3 the way through I guess): The blowing fog/mist/cloud - really top quality atmospheric.

Worst thing about Painkiller so far: Secrets obviously designed by VONDUR. 
I Like It. 
I really liked painkiller except for the impossible-to-figure-out-how-to-kill end boss.

I think companies are failing to see that more people will buy the game if there is no such thing as a cdkey/copy protection. The only reason so many people bought tribes was that the community was so big. (tribes did not have any kind of cd protection or cd key) and that made the game stay alive so much longer then it would otherwise have. Same thing with q1, how many people here actually buyed q1? I think a big secret to its success was that you didn't have to buy it to play online and with friends. I think that the smartest move in the gaming world in a long time was by id software with quake 3, they left the game without a proper cd key check for the first 3 years or so, and then with 1.32 they added the proper cd key check, massive amounts of quake 3's were sold(for being so old) because people needed cd keys for a game they were hooked and involved in, and I think painkiller would be alot more popular and evolving online then it is now if it didn't have a cd key check. Right now its pretty small, with not a whole lot of servers active.

Nobody wants to buy a multiplayer game noone is playing. 
how many people here actually buyed q1?

I did, actually I have around 15 copies, and multiple copies of the mission packs. I got most of the different releases, from Original cardbaord sleave thingy, through subsequent release that include GL on CD, compilations Like "The Offering (which include Quake and Mission Packs)" etc, etc. I'm a bit of a collector, plus I luv Quake. 
Popular And Evolving Online 
One of the things holding Painkiller back from getting a lot of online play is that everyone knows it sucks. It sucks up and down the block. It sucks like a thousand hoovers falling into a black hole. Any ping less than 80 makes the game unplayable and the weapons are poorly balanced for mp play. 
It sucks up and down the block. It sucks like a thousand hoovers falling into a black hole.

Thats what I thought, but I thought that about the SP side of things. 
Can't Get To The Web Page... 

Method Not Allowed
The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /index2.php. 
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