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The Skull And Bones Society
Any idea about this?
Is this a dark cult/secret political society(like in Xfiles) or just a kind of brotherhood?
I Think It Is Kinda Like This. 
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Web Search Is Not For Geek... 
Try these links... perhaps some "good" informations...

or type "skull and bone society" under google or other websearch tool... and you'll find a lot of link about this fucking "world company"...

Enjoy !!! 
CZG Requested Me To Spaz Out 
I can't get those images out of my head! Must cut on eyeballs out. 
See scampe's post ^^ 
where do we go from here? 
Skull And Bones Is... 
A real society at Yale University. Both President Bush and Sen. Kerry were members when they went to Yale. Basically the members from the previous year will seek out the students they believe to be the most important and powerful.

The idea of the club is sort of like the Freemasons but not as dedicated or inclusive. One of the rituals is that the prospective member has to lay down in a coffin naked, covered in mud and human remains. Then the members share each other's darkest secrets regarding sexual conquests/deviations, crimes, etc.

The members are obviously not allowed to talk about it, but amongst the people who have been around Yale for many years, they know it exists.

Whether or not this club has some kind of sinister motive remains to be seen, but many of this country's most powerful people have been members. GW Bush's great grandfather was a founding member of the club.

Anyway that's what I've heard of it. 
Is the thought of Dubya Bush in a coffin naked, covered in mud and human remains ... sharing each other's darkest secrets regarding sexual conquests/deviations, crimes, etc really exciting or is it just me? 
Lets first do a few lines of coke before we all step into this discussion. Drop some acid to.

And what about those Olsen twins!?? 
They Don't Use A Coffin 
It's a special mind control device made by the Supersonic Aluminium Nazi Hell Creatures From The Centre Of The Earth. They're trying to force us into war against the Martians because they owe the Intergalactic Space Bankers twenty-two giga-eons worth of back rent and reckon that if they start a space war they can sneak out the other way and not have to hock their nuclear-powered stereo system.

Trust me. My goldfish would never lie. 
Obviously, FC 
is a member of the Illumanati who is using sarcasm as a weapon to cast doubt on these on going speculations.

<In my best Milhouse impersonation> So they got to you too?' 
BTW, Speaking Of Conspiracies 
Here is a little game anyone can play -- it is called Where is The Fucking Plane

I'm not saying there isnt one there but I wish someone could point it out to me. 
You Might As Well Show A Map Of A Crater 
and ask where the comet is 
Now You Are Comparing Comets (ice) And Airplanes 
I have seen several dozen site wreckage photos of airplane crashes none where the airplane disintegrates completely. Also there is a set of photos from a security camera vantage point the Pentagon released showing the explosion. No plane in the explosion either.

There are two aspects this French site gets completely wrong however.
1) It states that it is odd that the ground was covered in sand. That is exactly what you would expect them to do if fuel continimation was present.
2) That it is odd that only the first ring was damaged in a direct hit. Nope. A 757 front hull is a relatively weak construction. It would rip open like a tin can Corsica plowing into a BMW.

But the oddity remains. There is no sign of a plane in the on site wreckage photos. At least the ones that were released. In the case of the Pentagon's own released photos they explain that the camera only takes shots every several seconds, and the 757 slipped by the interim time. So I guess you have to take it as an article of faith. 
Two points:
1. One shot shows and outline of an intact plane and then asks why there's no plane there. That's stupider than I have words for.
2. The flight number associated with that crash was released as far as I know. Couldn't you just check to see if that plane made it or not?

This is like pointing out the lack of visible stars in footage of the moon landing. 
That Is Why I Said 
'So I guess you have to take it as an article of faith.'

All the evidence of a plane being there is of an inferred nature and not emperical. That in itself is remarkable. 
Off Topic 
Closing the thread. 
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