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New Q1SP: Bastion Of The Underworld
Ok, here it is - my first shot at mapping :)

Best described as a rolling, rumbling descent into Quake 1 single player devastation - with a few new surprises along the way; this is part of a larger episode that will be released later this year.

Especially big thanks to aguirRe for his encouragement and supporting me with his compile utils. WinQuake recommended; make sure you use -heapsize 32000 or higher.



Demos appreciated :)
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Oh Man 
imagine a cross between Marcher and Zendar, that would be utterly insane. 
With Due Respect To Kinn And His Dungarees 
Hehe, True Dat 
To be honest I'm not really gonna defend any design decisions I made in a map a decade ago.

My current map is about as linear as a Scouser's walk home after a Friday night on the lash, so there's an improvement there at least. 
I Don't Agree With OTP's Assessment 
yes choice of routes is a good thing, but the real problem that chart assesses is lack of interconnectivity. Marcher (or Breakfast at Twilight or, ahem, Masque) is 100% linear, but it's interconnective. The problem with lack of interconnectivity is that you have no sense of progress at all; interconnectivity within large vertical outdoor areas provides that. I think OTP misinterpreted that chart significantly.

Aka, I'll defend design decisions you made a decade ago, Kinn! (of course, choice of routes ala Zendar, e1m2, e2m2, or my old soe1m4 Autumn Citadel, etc, can be great too). 
It Was A Joke You Massive Meathead 
It took me 10 years but I finally found how to get the secret pentagram by the zombies/rl!

Whoops, missed your post Mandel :} Glad to hear people are still playing this thing. Out of interest did you use the secret hints in the readme?

I'll defend design decisions you made a decade ago, Kinn!

Lol cheers, but it's probably best not to :} 
thanks for the respective contributions ;) 
You Mean The Super Easy Secret 
Where you shoot the button in the roof in the room just next to it? 
"Sharp shooting short shrifts the Shuffler"

That's The One 
yeah no I never did read the readme. 
There Was A Readme? 
There's Always A Readme 
Ur Mom's A Readme 
...with no word wrap 
Help I'm Stuck In Bastion ! 
I'm in the zone with the big spin-grinder, monster count is circa 130/300, I've already pushed a rectangular stone(with runic effigy) and got that message "still one to go", I can see this other one stone protected by bars above a big room of lava.. but there's no way to reach it ! 
The Single Grinder? 
(There's another grinder room later with two grinding wheels.)

From the first grinder, go up the taller set of stairs, turn right, head left up another set of stairs. You're at a T hallway, to the right are some locked bars which lead to the second grinder room, the button to unlock them is up the stairs to the left.

In the second grinder room, take the exit that has stairs going down to a gate with a red rune on it (push to open). You'll find a silver key eventually, the SK opens the door to the second runic button. 
Wow Kinn This Sounds A Bit Unintuitive. 
My undetectable instagib traps will ensure the player stays on the critical path by enforcing a tough-but-fair trial-and-error gameplay stratagem. 
"tough but fair" 
Please Don't Make Fun Of Dark Souls I Love It Dearly 
Let Me Tell You About Dark Souls... 
*Sharpens Ears* *Gets Out Pen And Paper* 
*Gets the popcorn* 
Ok Here Goes... 
j/k I haven't actually played Souls properly, even though I have bought all the games.

Unfortunately, I haven't been touched by the 'tism enough to be able to persevere with the gameplay to the extent that they deserve. :( 
Thank.. But 
Me was thinking to run through the big room of lava and jump onto the door ..impossible indeed :)

I'll try your tip ericw, anyway great map Bastion !
On my PentiumII400-Voodoo3 + glquake unofficial 1.13 is smooth as silk :)

By the way how can I lower down brightness in glquake 1.13 ?? 
First runs on hard:

8th attempt from stracth: skill2, 304/306, 0/5 
I'll check those out when I get a spare mo, cheers! 
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