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> is me

I am feeling angry, dissapointed, irritated and most of all sad. I don't think I'll ever show my face around here again, at least not with some of its current members around.

I want to say goodbye and thank you to those of you who were nice and friendly. (Vondur, SPoG, inert and more)

To those who acted like asses:
I really hope you realized what you did was wrong and that you were under some kind of drug or in a very strange state of mind. I think you who did this (Asaki, Scamp, AUTUMN(you get a special fuck you all to yourself)) Sorry to those I left out in both categories.

I had no problem with kickbans and insults regarding me raining over me constantly, but you guys just crossed the line, not just took a step over but more like a polevault over the line. What you guys did was WRONG and I hope someday you can end up as normal functioning individuals.
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Sarcasm Is The Lowest Form Of Humour 
Not to assume Willem was attempting to be humourous though.
And yeah, that episode of South Park was prett funny. In a cheap, lame and nasty South Park way. I think Facebook has some real uses, and its free so I rather appreciate it. I have got back in contact with a bunch of people from my youth who I didnt think I'd see again, so thats kinda awesome. And it was easy to talk to my freinds when they were abroad.
But Farm World and Cafe World and Fish Tank World - seriously?!?!? And people who now just stay in and "socialise" on Facebook - get a life!!! Use Facebook to arrange a rendezvous and then meet up, go for a drink, or go and play some sports or something.

My 10p 
"Use Facebook to arrange a rendezvous and then meet up, go for a drink, or go and play some sports or something."

This assumes that everyone on your Facebook friend list lives down the street from you. Most of mine are across the country or the globe. 
Very True 
IMO using Facebook to communicate with people who you dont get to see is a good thing.

Its like Christmas cards - people traditionally sent cards to their freinds and loved ones at Christmas to say hi and wish them all the best because they wouldnt get to see them at Christmas. Giving cards to everyone you see everyday I think is false, you might aswell wish them a merry Christmas in person! Some people obsessively write and give Chistmas cards to every single person that they can think of - everyone - early in the season, probably just because they want to get as many back and put them on their wall so that anyone who comes into their house can see how manyy "freinds" they have.

Dont get me wrong, I use Facebook a lot, but I dont bother playing these terrible games which work in real time like Aquarium World or whatever it is. In that 'game' you have to log on every few hours to perform maintenance tasks. Or Farm World where you have to log on often to perform maintenance tasks and you need to rope your freinds into it. Boooooring. Unless you are about eight years old I guess.

Horses for courses I guess :) 
In Short: 

Excellent way of communicating with people.
Very convenient.
Encourages young people to learn IT.

Quickly turns into a popularity contest for some people which is smarmy and annoying. / 
So just block the apps the first time they appear in your feed. Done. It takes 2 mouse clicks. Then it need never bother you again. 
Honestely I just go to facebook to add new friends :) never use it... 
So just block the apps the first time they appear in your feed

Oh, believe me, I did! Cant stop my fiance from blowing up to 4 hours a day on them though :(

Trinca how many friends have you got now? 
She just tries hard to get any satisfaction in her life. 
By Serving Lo-res Food 
To badly animated customers. 
Each to their own tbh, how many hours do you spend playing Quake, etc?

But I do agree with the pointlessness of using it to talk to people you see reguarly. I only started using it when friends started emmigrating, China is kinda far to pop round for a cuppa... 
Do you guys not send email to people you see locally? Or text messages?

It's just another way of communicating with people. 
Locally I'v gtalk(work and home), and MSN at work same email as the one I'v in here!

Go add me ladies! ;) 
Fuck Facebook 
I'm on it, but only for actual real friends that I actually really interact with. Yeah I have friends in other places, I chat to them direct on MSN or exchange long rambling emails or pick up the fucking phone and speak to them... 
You guys really don't understand Facebook at all. It's not for chatting. 
I guess my question is, why do you apparently believe that it's a binary choice? You either use Facebook or you talk to people in real life. It's totally possible to do both. Really, I do it all the time!

Facebook is a great way to share pictures of events and to share stuff with a lot of people without setting up an email list. Use it for what it's good for and stop focusing on what it isn't. 
It's just another way of communicating with people.

It's not for chatting.

que o_0 
WTF, really? 
i deactivated my account earlier this year. i have nothing against it in principle but i'm personally happier without it; it was the source of way too much anti-escapism for me 
Oh Hey It's 20 Posts About Facebook On Func_book 
This one website isn't really meant for what people use it for, so they must be wrong.

P.S. Pictures on FB look horrible. 
"P.S. Pictures on FB look horrible."

Hint : Use Flickr or your own hosting if you care about resolution. Facebook is about sharing fun pictures with your friends and family (usually photos with them in them). They don't need to be super high-res for that. 
I Still Think Its Funny Trinca Called It Fagetbook 
hahahahahhahahahaaa Go Trinca!

I dont think he meant anything by it really. 
I Don't Care Enough About Facebook To Have An Account 
But I keep getting friend invites from girls... and Trinca...

Ps: Don't Tell My Wife 
got the biggest closet ever 
Horses For Courses 
strokes for folks? 
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