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New Q1SP: Menkalinan
This is a large scaled Q1SP map in Egyptian style (I used incredible Sock's Egyptian set).
There are lots of traps and ambushes for you, so don't forget quicksaving regularly, especially if you think that you can beat it on hard :)

Feedback and first run demos are always welcome.



oh, I can't believe I have finally finished it...

(edit: updated all URLs)
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i love to make, but my perfect configs is in fuhquake in joequake i can make bunny as well as in fuhquake :( i�m a dm player that somethimes play single... 
and in multiplayer with joequake give this error!<<SZ_GetSpace: 8014 is > full buffer size>> there is no way to fix it? 
See Earlier Posts 
for more info and solutions. It's probably fixable in the map, but it might not be easy. Most likely it'll affect gameplay in Hard skill. 
Found 'em All, In The End 
Even with your hints, finding the button for that 100H secret was pretty tough :-)

Great map, btw. Who's going to take on the NH? 
What about trying to get to the switch overlooking the lava pool much sooner, e.g. using multiple Voreballs to get up there?? 
That sounds possible, but probably somewhat difficult. If the map was added at SDA we may get to see it. But I'm not gonna run it unless there's a record to break =) 
I'm not going to bother doing anything unless it increases my cocksize! 
Whell in that case, judging from the evidence one can only assume...


...that you've never done anything, ever! 
Apart From Your Mom 

(come on, beat that!) 
This map is huge. Although not really a fan of egyptian themed maps in Quake 1, I like gameplay of this one, visuals being solid. 
Those links lead to (most probably) spyware nowadays. At least in a Gecko browser (Firefox, K-Meleon) clicking on them wants to install a addon. Here:



PS: I really love this map. It's got so many different aspects of Quake gameplay stuffed in it. 
Thanks Spirit... 
fixed the URLs 
Wow, This Map Came Out 4.5 Years Ago!? 
That makes me feel old.

Still an awesome map! 
Sock, I guess you saw this one but in case you dont... it uses yours egypt textures! 
just don't look at comment 4. 
I wish PulSar would come back or would have at least announced retirement. I still feel guilty about taking so long to release Arcanum which, containing his final released map, took an extra 2 years to come out because of me. 
I Also Would Like Him To Return 
Isn't he into HL2 mapping or something now? 
Oh Boy 
I remember wasting hours on this one. Awesome map. 
I had a poster of this map on my wall for a while. Loved this back then! 
Lets Record Demos 
Menkalinan Is... of my all-time favourites. All around superb map. Wish Pulsar made more. 
skill 1 demo(s)

Was good. I have played it before too.

I come to like smaller maps with 50 or 60 monsters. 
First Run Demo 
Not quite as intense as Anhk's map, but still very enjoyable :) I died once, due to my curiosity of falling into traps.

Recorded in Enhanced GLQuake. 
Skill 2 Demo 
noclipped to avoid 1 stupid death.
152 monsters killed
1/7 secrets.

Have to agree with Shamb that the secrets in this are particularly tricky as everything looks like a secret. Not so much the texture set's fault - more due to architecture style, rather inchoate visual language... maybe also due to lighting - lighting cues could have been used more.
Lighting of course is crazy flat. minlight is super high.
All that said, significant meaty gameplay and architecture with great infights, arenas and what not. I'd forgotten how fun this map is! 
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