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Keeping This Community Alive And Happy.
Please read this and have a think about.

Another old-skool character and I have been having an interesting discussion about this: About how this community (QMap/#tf community, that is) has changed, how to some extent it has deteriorated due to both losing several prominent members and gaining fewer replacements and being marginalised by increasingly popular newer games, how it's mostly failed to adapt to newer games, but also how being fully integrated with newer games would lose the strong spirit a smaller community has.

And, most interestingly, how it can improve and thrive.

First, consider a few obvious truths:

The community has lost many prominent older members (through circumstance rather than abandonment), and it has gained fewer new ones.

Less people are making less maps these days.

Quake is less popular these days both for players and mappers.

There has been some acceptance and encouragment of newer games, but not much, and very little interaction with wider gaming communities.

These issues will continue to cause a steady decline in the community, I think that's inevitable as time progresses.


Then consider what purpose this community can have and remain true to itself and the original spirit....I think that purpose is to have a smallish mapping community, with a focus on quality mapping, where mappers for all sorts of games are encouraged, accepted, and promoted, but where the smaller size of the community, and presence of some "long-serving" members creates a more intimate atmosphere, where discussions can be more indepth and where people's voices can be heard clearer (rather than being swamped as they would be in a UT2k4 community). And of course where Quake, and other old-skool games, is promoted and encouraged.

So, a more general community than what it has been, but one that benefits from a smaller size, and acceptance of all sorts of games.

I think Doom3 will definitely help in this regard, I think many old-skool characters are interesting in mapping for it, I think - well, hope - that will bring people back in this community, somewhere they can rely on to have a good mixture of high-level discussion and banter about such games without being swamped by 36534534 n00bs in other communities.


What can we do as individuals to help this?? Not sure. Be open I guess, to new games and new members. Have a good idea of what this community stands for (including, quality of produce), and promote the benefits of that to people, i.e. encourage people to partake but make it clear what's expected. Accept various "tangential" aspects into the community, including tangential news. Have respect for each other and recognise the difference between traditional banter and pointless abuse. Don't be forced to contribute anything but feel encouraged to do so, and particularly encourage those who do.

Finally, thanks and respect to metslime for Func_Msgboard, he has really done his bit.
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From The Last Posts 
I think it's pretty obvious that what this "community" needs to be alive and happy is more bees. 
Perhaps "func_msgboard" needs to become "The Hive". 
That Just Leaves The Question Of... 
who will be queen? 
<- White Queen Bee 
Hello boys!

Now get the fuck back to work, maps... er... hives don't build themsealves! 
metlslime should make it so that every time you visit func_msgboard, it plays this wav: 
Hello boys!

...Campie not Scampie 
...or you can use javascript's confirm to reset. 
The one thing we can do a lot better here, something we can all do and it's pretty damn easy:


On people's maps, screenshots, posts, whatever. It takes a couple of minutes to look at some screenies, have a think, and post some views, and only several minutes to download a map, have a run around, and get an idea of something useful to say about it. Really very easy and it doesn't have to be something that you'd actually play, you can still give some useful feedback.

Come on people let's have a bit more of this - THIS will encourage mappers more and improve the community, pretty much everyone likes feedback. 
I agree with you, even if we are not able to play a game, feedback about screenshots (architecture, lightning, texture use, etc...) is welcomed for any mapper I suppose... even if it's really difficult to please evrybody...

As well for "mapping help", even if some questions seems to be "basic", or stupid, or really without any interest for pros who know the answer, please help us !!! It's really important to have help when you are stucked... just to go forward, or have new idea..


PS: and now let's go to answer my last question in Mapping Help permanent thread ... quickly.... ;-) 
Two more fairly easy things we can do:


I.e. Whatever interesting mapping/gaming items you find, particularly releases or important articles and stuff, don't just post them in GA, but post them as news. It takes only a few seconds (you can spare that time, right??) just to click on the submit news and submit it. This gives these items space to be looked at, will catch more people's attention and have a place for feedback and debate. Easy and effective.


Particularly from other mapping sites - try to form links with them and encourage people to visit here for more indepth debate and a useful and experienced beta-testing / map feedback resource. You could put links in your Map Centre / Doom3world / whatever signatures, like:

Func_msgboard - mapping community for the connoisseur

or similar. Again, very easy and can spread the word and keep func_ relevant and happening in the broader mapping scene. 
One more think we can do:

NOT saying to people the are "WEIRDO" when they don't like playing in cooperative mode !!!!!

Why not just "elitist"?

Seriously, something like that is just going to attract snobs and turn decent people off. 
LOL!! >.<

Ye gods, the needle on my ironometer just broke. 
you're all faggots 
But We Are Elitists 
New Ppl Do Drop In Occasionally 
*looks around*

Looks alright to me. 
but is it a Simpson's Comicbook Guy elitism? 
Worst. Thread. Ever. 
Maj - okay, whatever. Just a phrase I came up with, it's not about the specifics but the general idea.

Zwiffle - I hate you. 
Cream Of Wheat Strengthens The Bones 
Shambler, I'm sure this isn't the actual worst thread ever. I do agree we should try a little harder to keep interest in the site, but I don't think we should try to attract more people.

I'm also sure someone may have posted this, but more people doesn't necessarily mean better. Most of the time, I'd prefer a smaller community to a much larger one anyway. (Bigger classrooms < Smaller classrooms) (I know the logic of a bigger classrooms less than smaller classrooms is stupid, so what.)

There's also a reason I prefer the community as it is: People here actually care about Quake. Sure, we could invite people looking to map for Doom3, but if they don't give a shit about Quake they can fuckoff. I joined Func because this was the only place that still supported Quake that I could find. It's unique. No other site has a community of such ... um... "interesting" people, and I'd hate to water it down with riftraft from doom3world. (No offense to them.)

But, keeping interest in the site for those who already browse these boards is a must, of course. That's one reason why I've been posting as much as I can lately. If I had interesting news, I'd post it, but until I release another map I'll have to stick to the boards.

I would, of course, love more special event types dealies. More chainmaps, more turtlemaps, more "Arcane Wizard" type projects. Working *with* the people in the community seems to me like it would keep interest. I understand people don't have the time for these, but every once in a while would be nice. 
You ARE a new person. 
More chainmaps, more turtlemaps,

You run speedmapping now, organize the events if you want them to happen rather than sit around a bitch you want more to happen. 
Shambler: I miss your point.

Scampiebler: I would, but no one shows up for speedmapping as it is. After you quit, I think I got one map from someone who's not me. Also, at the current time, there is a chainmap that has yet to be completed. Arcane Wizard also seems to be making good progress. I would rather spread out community projects then lump them all together at one time. And besides, whenever I asked anyone if they wanted to chain map with me no one ever replied with a 'Yes', if they replied at all. 
More Feedback. 
That's right, it's needed ... almost everybody is getting more lazy i guess, and i am the laziest. 
Not That I Speak For Smabler 

Shambler: I miss your point.

I think the point maybe something along the lines of, You ARE a new person, therefore if your suggestion, but I don't think we should try to attract more people were in vogue, then maybe you yourself wouldn't be here. 
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