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What Would YOU Like To See In A Doom3 Map??
Errr well yes quite. Can't believe no-one has posted this before.

Myself, not sure really. Haven't played it, but obviously know the style.

I'd quite like to see a few *really good* remakes, to show just how good the new engine is, for one thing. Something that shows a familiar map design taken to the next level.

And, I'm guessing a bit here, I'd like to see some traditional metal/gothic maps, proper Quake E3 style. I think the game could probably do that well??
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I will never ever map for doom3 if that is someone's first map for doom3. :( 
C'mon Zwiff 
Don't pull a Phait! ;)

Hey, you know.. I think that map is looking nice, but I'm a bit worried, I mean... you have alot to work with, but it's all metal base (and well you have hell and outdoor mars too...) - how many maps are we going to see that are just another extension to D3? I'd like to see something different. 
... take away your mittens !!! Or just buy spyglass, or stop drinking while posting messages... errrr... you seem to be the only one who have problems with the reset button... don't you ?? 
or stop drinking while posting messages...

Any thing that encourages sobriety I consider to be a moral out rage! 
What Would YOU Like To See In A Doom3 Map?? 
Or Better Yet... 
a mechanical beehive with giant vats of honey!

...with bees 
I'd like to see my textures that I'm now going to start working on after having done some initial tests... 
Zombees == Undead Bees.

(The Horror...) 
.. conversion... but where are the monsters ??? ther's no fun without monsters... *sigh*.. 
it looks kinda bad right now, but no doubt the goodness is coming... bastard stole my idea. 
That Looks Worse Than The Quake Version. 
OMG! A decent remake (although still a remake); 
What Would YOU Like To See In A Doom 3 Map ?? 
Well, in the readme of a DooM3 map actually

Author : Christian Grawert (CZG)

Author : Benoit "Bal" Stordeur

Author : Vondur [Dmitry Svetlichny]
Quake Monsters! 
and here goes:
executive quarters (by hexum)

a nicely designed, about medium sized custom map with new voices/music, a very tough boss fight and the SHAMBLER! and it looks really cool, too!

i hope some day we will be able to also battle fiends and vores in doom3... :) 
A Skaarj with the head of a pilot whale != A Shambler 
Kinn, best description of the Skaarjbler evar =) 
:) to safe time for a Quake1 map :p 
since the norwegians are killing the real ones. 
I can't hear you there's whales crunching too loud in my mouth atm.
...mmm crisp fried whale... 
Project Jason? 
Christ, sounds like the next 2000AD strip in production - or maybe they retitled War Dog to be called Project Jason instead. 
and the "Shambler" looks like he's wearing his mums marigolds. Bit too tight for him, but at least his skin won't wrinkle up when he does the dishes. 
Hush, you're not supposed to know about my mum's marigolds! 
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